Fraternity Video With 'Blackface' Makeup Sparks Debate

University of California-Irvine students react negatively to Internet video.
2:03 | 04/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fraternity Video With 'Blackface' Makeup Sparks Debate
It's the video that has emotions running high at the University of California Irvine campus. -- it members of Lambda Theta delta are seen performing to the Justin Timberlake song -- -- But then this one of them appears in black face. And in that shows payment system play that role and BJP and can distinguish themselves from the other guys and video. Darius Obama is president of the Asian American paternity he says the video was made as a promotion for an upcoming event. But the attention it's 55 members had hoped to generate instead has created a firestorm of critics of. It's definitely I think it's offensive because I also don't think they knew what they were getting into -- I feel. Personally offended. At that act but -- it was for ignorance that is -- -- and know about it I felt like that it's not an excuse. The -- took the music video down and issued an apology calling the video extremely racist and incredibly offensive. But some students say this paternity knew what it was duly and even put a disclaimer in the video saying it wasn't being recess -- -- should have a disclaimer. About a video of -- everybody knows that the Internet to share power in -- -- Student organizations on the UCI campus are calling for university administrators to take action. The response that UCI is giving to show sort of a lack of I'm concerned -- the students that feel that -- -- hurt by this video by not reacting and taking action. You see -- vice chancellor of student affairs doctor Thomas -- and says the university is taking the incident very seriously and is investigating. Once that investigation is concluded. Will determine where the facts -- what appropriate. Measures. Should be taken. And -- discipline has called for Obama says he understands why people are angry I believe they have all the right in the road to be angry at us. You know it's not proper area wasn't -- educated and they educate and moved to post that online.

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{"id":19056672,"title":"Fraternity Video With 'Blackface' Makeup Sparks Debate","duration":"2:03","description":"University of California-Irvine students react negatively to Internet video.","url":"/US/video/fraternity-video-blackface-makeup-sparks-debate-19056672","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}