In the Game With Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi

The WNBA rookie and veteran on leading the Phoenix Mercury.
6:53 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for In the Game With Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi
We love breaking new ground here on in the game -- the first time we can't true true -- the price of wide. Diana -- Brittney griner thank you very much and sentenced and the importance in this that we got we got the look now we got the better it. You'll learn. From each other this season -- -- learn from this one right here. Everything just. I mean I want to have these work ethic Americans might go so hard practice trying. This cat and shots is there before. It's -- it's sad when your best players are hardest worker. Things are going really well when the team to set that example doesn't -- -- in -- day every day she says that for -- you know. She's an awesome thing I think this is -- when he later okay well. Resistance that no -- what -- -- behind. This -- only hey Andy yeah sidekick back. What is -- like for -- to have someone at the palace Britney joining an already. Tales to tell me it's unbelievable as this to see her -- just you know saw was seated on the court and every year she got a little bit better for the -- of the better -- just a great person you know it's nice to have people there. Themselves there aren't fake. And you put that along her her talent. I mean. She's got -- don't really why don't you longtime -- a lot of guys who watch the game. You remind them of themselves that you have -- confidence that would you step on the court -- open. Well let me and that comes from being imagine at any a lot of plans I would not want. The cushion of confidence in me all we'll get in the gym -- work at it again to you come back and exit through better about yourself. And I mean it took me a long time to learn that from college. You know my first couple years in the WBA going overseas -- -- a learned behavior worked at the same way you have to learn how to do it. You know it's for it to be you know successfully inaccurate being on -- -- learning that little by little is WNBA. Like you thought it would be -- -- and and more is that -- suffer and and I just -- -- surfing again. A lot more. The -- movies. -- -- -- A great champion. Of the game I just don't in the game but yeah so what -- what is it like we're working with that being part that franchise I mean she's she's a legend in our game. You know she was one of the the first women's. -- fastball on the map as far as -- skill set an issue is comes over to look Henry how quickly you bounced past. You know so I think those little things you know that -- in it's really nice to have her around you know and -- does need -- illness or this'll help your game. You know you listen to it and and and it does help you. It's pretty special program rehab a lot of people follow in the game on Twitter and on FaceBook on ESP NW so. I don't let them ask some questions Lauren asked. How did it to WC of the game -- transforming. The next five years. I think the next five years as -- it's really important. You know 04 was my first -- -- -- and that decade alone a miniscule sampling -- planes. You know. It's just taken off the ability and that comes from. Watching them in for you know when -- ten and you love basketball you know there is. A chance that that's what can be a profession. Here in the WBA overseas you can make a living off of it we put that importance on. -- -- -- -- You can get better and in our game has to get better sense of you know Britain and Poland -- on digging his. To make sure that the level place stays there but it's it's everyone -- I would think about what you just said. Yeah. Woman today. Plain hot ball high school ball can actually dream about playing the WOK. But to actually seen the world's best thing that's got to plan a strong C. I think it's you know -- -- credit. You know being in this country we're -- so important work -- -- early age we have the best coaches of those facilities in. You know we should be playing in America noticed were found -- -- -- raise our families are here we have the best -- players on the world. And you know there's a stretch there where you know he did not seem to Cooper was I liken it to let's say if there was that the NBA we never saw LeBron James and obviously I need. -- Can they a moment here is on and -- and I -- -- well good. -- named -- -- all right final question. -- but so as much as you have accomplished -- both of wine. National championships of the collegiate level you want on the pro level you wanna do that what's next for a -- -- for big G-8 and England next would be easy. Accelerated. Hasn't nothing new basketball honestly. I want be leader and -- community and I'm really big humbling. I don't really being on that and I -- one. Also be known for her for stopping it. I just this spring and awareness -- almost goes on and it goes on scene and people kind of but none of us a little bit -- that's not true reasons. It really is night -- -- different -- doesn't mean he can get picked con Sus one why do some positive and you know. So -- the other person from the LB TT community and watching. What he said it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Family my friend that surround myself -- really positive people. And don't be scared to saints my kids help phone don't let that person have that power realize he's always have the power of your -- -- Came -- that. BJ. -- I like that thank you very much in an off military thinker -- you represent. Women's athletics the WBA and yourselves I'm obviously going to. This.

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{"id":20234355,"title":"In the Game With Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi","duration":"6:53","description":"The WNBA rookie and veteran on leading the Phoenix Mercury.","url":"/US/video/game-brittney-griner-diana-taurasi-20234355","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}