Game Over for Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier

Penn State football coach and president fired in wake of sex abuse scandal.
3:51 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Game Over for Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier
Gas filled the room when the announcement was made just in the past hour after 46 years as head coach he's out and another casually. Penn State's longtime president Graham -- Also lost his job tonight unemotional students gallery at the main building on campus right now rally in support -- turn out. Eyewitness News reporter -- -- was -- the announcement he's live in state college Pennsylvania tonight -- Shot a just a colossal. Bombshell announcement here at this hotel in state college Pennsylvania an announcement tonight that reverberates across academic institutions and college football programs across the country hall of fame coach Joseph Paterno is out the president of Penn state university on the job for sixteen years. Fired. Over the phone. Three hours after a closed door meeting inside an off campus hotel and -- Penn state board of -- made an absolutely stunning announcement. The board of trustees and -- Spaniard who decided effective immediately. Doctor -- here is no longer president of the university. Edition. Joseph Paterno is no longer than -- football coach. Effective immediately and. Today's announcement represents exactly the kind of leadership change these Penn State students were looking -- Students who gathered outside the administration building and demanded accountability for a sex abuse scandal that has rocked the state college campus in in this always -- and the sun and I think and we can all agree and -- publicly but a cover to cover something up like this is just so it's unimaginable to me nothing changed that the institutional level that are living leaders doesn't really didn't do anything new people coming -- -- -- -- Now some very quick context here former coach Paterno and former president Spaniard. Apparently nil but 2002. Sex abuse report involving the football team's former defensive coordinator and a ten year old boy but it seems neither man reported that account. Two police investigators drew earlier this week. Announced that the number of victims is now eight. Joseph Paterno this Saturday for the first time in 46 years will not be Penn State's football coach. We're live and in state college Pennsylvania I'm Joseph -- channel seven Eyewitness News. But -- blockbuster story Joseph thank you Joseph Paterno and football much bigger than just sport at Penn State it is big business huge business paternal built this football program and Penn State raked in an estimated seventy million dollars this year. Critics say that was one reason the scandal like this could be kept quiet for so long. Until now -- -- -- Schwarzenegger rob power to the newsroom picks up our coverage tonight rob. Bill -- his own legacy no big time college football coach can touch but that legacy is now tarnished with word that Joseph Paterno. Is out. He wanted to finish out the season and retire on his terms but the Penn state board of -- says no 409. Victories that's more than anybody. But the case against former Paterno assistant Jerry sandusky which alleges sexual abuse of children it was strong -- strong enough. And -- turtles career now. Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley is now the interim head coach Paterno. -- And saying tonight in this statement right now are not the football coach and that's something I have to get used to. -- the thought of -- head coach bill thought here's that had -- did not do enough to be part of the solution built -- really believed that he would be on the sideline this Saturday instead as Joseph said for the first time since 1966. Joseph Paterno was not the head coach at PS you --

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{"id":14920493,"title":"Game Over for Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier","duration":"3:51","description":"Penn State football coach and president fired in wake of sex abuse scandal.","url":"/US/video/game-joe-paterno-graham-spanier-14920493","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}