George Huguely Convicted of Second Degree Murder

UVA lacrosse star is convicted of murdering his girlfriend Yeardley Love.
2:36 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for George Huguely Convicted of Second Degree Murder
Well it's an unbelievable situation here as the verdict has been read George -- guilty of second degree murder not guilty. Serious charge of first degree murderer nor first degree felony murder. Gasp in the courtroom as those verdicts were read dispassionately. By judge Everett hawks are in this case. We're now in a brief recess to determine exactly how to move forward the next step -- sentencing phase of this trial. And the attorneys -- the judge all agree that could Begin. We're pretty much immediately right now once they get some technicalities out of the way so we could even see some of the witnesses called back some more evidence presented. As far as the sentencing for -- George -- In the next couple hours once again he's been convicted. Second degree murder here at Virginia. The potential sentence for that conviction is five to forty years in prison he was also convicted on a second charge Grand Larceny. And the sentence for that could be anywhere from one year to twenty. Years in prison -- up to the jury determine those ranges obviously when you do the math. You're adding the potential of twenty years the potential forty years potentially -- looking at sixty years in state prison here in Virginia. Now I want to talk a little bit about second degree murder. That is. What prosecutor Dave Chapman was arguing for in his closing argument on Saturday and indeed throughout the trial. First degree murder. Which requires intent. Was kind of a remote possibility for the prosecution they always thought that in their mind. George you -- did intend to kill Yardley love and that he should be convicted of first degree murder however. It's been it was made quite clear throughout the testimony -- -- -- had been drinking nearly all day on the day that the murder happened. And -- Virginia voluntary intoxication is the defense for first degree murder. And so the prosecution seemed to be well aware that of the extremely difficult for them to get that conviction on the first degree murder -- -- what -- -- focusing on. Was second degree murder and that is indeed what they got here tonight. To win that second degree murder conviction what they needed to prove was now they need to prove that George -- was the one who injured Yardley -- caused her death. And I can remember in his closing argument. The prosecutor Dave Chapman said that the wounds on Yardley love. Some nearly 25 he said including the large one on her face. Those 25 -- showed mouse according to Dave Chapman and apparently the jury agreed -- George -- plea of second degree murder here tonight. In Charlottesville and we will soon move into the sentencing phase of the trial --

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{"id":15771100,"title":"George Huguely Convicted of Second Degree Murder","duration":"2:36","description":"UVA lacrosse star is convicted of murdering his girlfriend Yeardley Love. ","url":"/US/video/george-huguely-convicted-degree-murder-girlfriend-yeardley-love-lacrosse-star-uva-us-15771100","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}