George Zimmerman Trial Day 9: Prosecution Rests Its Case

Defense now arguing for acquittal, says killing of Trayvon Martin was act of self defense.
3:00 | 07/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Trial Day 9: Prosecution Rests Its Case
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm Morgan -- -- New York with the ABC news digital special report. It's day at nine at the George -- trial and the prosecution has rested its case. Now the defense is arguing for an acquittal saying the killing of -- -- Martin was simply an act of self defense. We're joined now by ABC's Aaron -- -- -- -- -- the case closely. -- and how are you. Morgan good afternoon prosecutors called three witnesses on this ninth and final day of their case space started with Sabrina concentrate on Martin's mother who was unequivocal in saying it was her son whose voice you hear in the back -- 911 calls. Screaming for help for forty seconds before the fatal gunshot. -- trade on Martin's brother who said the same thing -- on cross examination conceded. It once told an interviewer he wasn't quite sure. And then -- and did with the medical examiner and that gave the jury something to think about it the first two witnesses -- all about the -- hearts the anguished mother and brother. The last witness was about pictures and the image planted by the medical examiner a fatal gunshot wound to the heart. Blood seeping from -- on Martin's body. It didn't immediately kill -- got shot he was alive for up to ten minutes the medical examiner testified. And time the unstated inference -- George Zimmerman did not help them. Iron will get to that examiner in a moment but first the defense is arguing for acquittal even before they've had a chance to call witnesses. Is that just to -- of the state -- -- without about what was expected. You know this is expected it often comes up and and in trial like this corporate summary dismissal or what's known as a trial order of dismissal where. That the defense appeals to the judge to acquit a defendant before the case goes any further because. -- -- the defense argument went there's just not enough evidence defense attorney Mark O'Meara just moments ago -- what is spoke for the court as evidence of self defense and he said the inference of -- on guilt is much stronger than any suggested inference of guilt. So sense making rather lengthy plea to the judge it is simply rendered Jordan -- not guilty herself. And spare everyone having to go through -- defense argument. If she granted. Cases over if not the defense would -- likely next week. Has told us that he expects the report is sort of evidence to be present. Now of course we had some contentious moments in court today difficult for both the prosecution and the defense how to -- associate medical Examiner's testimony play out. Well that the medical examiner was was highly technical at some points two talking about the book fatal gunshot wound. We're the bullet -- lodged in Martin's body what it did the effect. Terry you do too difficult for anyone -- squeamish -- to -- digest. But he also was able to catch George -- yet another inconsistency and remembered. All of the obvious things best things that prosecutors could hope for for a you know just does not down verdict of guilty. They really don't have they don't have smoking gun and they don't have -- in unimpeachable eyewitness they don't even have a clear police report. So what they do have is is just a hatchet job on. A -- government's credibility and it continued today with the medical examiner. Casting doubt on Zimmerman to claim that trade on Barton kind of rolled off of him or -- something after after being shot. Zimmerman. Although Martin may have been a lot of the medical examiner said he was some you know all dead after that fatal gunshot. And and could not have made the moves that Zimmerman had suggested. And then just you said doctor about also changed his estimate about the length of time -- bond market was alive after being shot -- Let's take a listen that. You changed your opinion then expanded it to more than twice almost three times as long. More than three times won't hear from one to ten minute because -- you experience. And. Not Aaron what exactly was that new experience he was talking. -- impeded some. Research -- -- also against found another case that came through his office that indicated -- maybe somebody could live. A little bit longer after similar. Fatal shooting it was a little confusing night secretive for the jury took took took follow all some of the argument was made outside the presence of the jury but. I think the bottom line -- -- on -- in his estimation may have been alive for up to ten minutes. After being shot the inference that there he was intention. And suffering again another. Difficult moment perhaps for the jury to digest as the prosecution ended its case. ABC's -- contestant thank you so much and once again the prosecution has -- in the George government murder trial the defense will now begin to present its version of events and for full right -- stay on I'm Morgan -- in new York and this has been an ABC news special report. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":19589989,"title":"George Zimmerman Trial Day 9: Prosecution Rests Its Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Defense now arguing for acquittal, says killing of Trayvon Martin was act of self defense.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-trial-day-prosecution-rests-case-19589989","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}