Georgia Woman's Home Burns on Her Birthday

Eva Childers faced the death of her husband and murder of grandson on previous birthdays.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for Georgia Woman's Home Burns on Her Birthday
And -- they history. Three -- groups he. 73 year old -- Childers remembers the day she built this house on -- Nelson wrote near Hampton and Cherokee county. I love and he -- years -- -- years and now it's destroyed after a fire ripped through it yesterday morning on her birthday. She was celebrating with family and Dawson -- when it happened. And I get our prayers. The -- here Conte said -- -- was -- these are pictures from the Cherokee county fire department you can see firefighters did all they could to save this home. -- Childers says she's just glad she her son and granddaughter who live here -- gone through nobody here. It's hard even for you -- Childress knows about losing family she buried her husband on her birthday September 30 two years ago. At that same time she says a family member killed another family member Charles -- Childers and buried his body at this home on apple lane in Jasper. Pickens County deputies say will -- -- Childers confessed to the killing. And murder -- and very -- Childers says with so much tragedy happening on her birthday is she scared to have another one. -- -- -- change me out next. Right now investigators don't know what caused this fire -- Childers believes it was electrical she does have insurance and she plans to rebuild. In Cherokee county -- joy channel two action news.

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{"id":17365681,"title":"Georgia Woman's Home Burns on Her Birthday","duration":"3:00","description":"Eva Childers faced the death of her husband and murder of grandson on previous birthdays.","url":"/US/video/georgia-womans-home-burns-on-birthday-17365681","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}