Girl, 9, Trapped in Car Wreck for 2 Days

North Carolina girl survived in freezing temperatures on Pop Tarts, Gatorade.
1:58 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Girl, 9, Trapped in Car Wreck for 2 Days
Her cries when -- heard for days. I nine year old girl stuck by a seatbelt trapped upside down in a wrecked car in freezing temperatures the man driving the -- 39 year old Douglas land and went dead beside her and -- walking along the -- spotted the car lying in the ten -- gets around 530. Trooper Blake rigs investigated the accident and says the young girl and handed had been missing since Friday. They went to a mini mart -- highway 55 that's the last time receipt. Briggs thinks land and lost control of the car on the way home. This cart behind me crews brought up and they did -- off the road here you can see from the damaged just how difficult it was -- -- outside she was trapped. And could not leave the car. I -- Ian Matthews did you also like to get the young girl and handed out of the car trooper David Clifton describes the moment when she was -- -- -- -- -- -- nine year old to -- that kind of freedom road -- -- they would do to keep yourself home. -- -- -- -- What's being Dark -- the temperature in the area overnight Friday dipped below thirty degrees. Did have -- -- Fire -- Bobbie Willis says the young girl looked relieved to be found. Very -- layups -- able the young girl's mother Claudette Lian and -- her daughter back not the case though for her boyfriend. In craving -- commander Branden used count.

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{"id":14948520,"title":"Girl, 9, Trapped in Car Wreck for 2 Days","duration":"1:58","description":"North Carolina girl survived in freezing temperatures on Pop Tarts, Gatorade.","url":"/US/video/girl-trapped-car-wreck-days-14948520","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}