Grandparents Slay Suspect Caught at Oregon Motel

Michael Boysen, 26, was found by police with apparent self-inflicted cuts to his body.
1:40 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grandparents Slay Suspect Caught at Oregon Motel
Hardly a vacation like setting tactical team members from the Oregon state police covered the perimeter of the beach motel waiting for an end to the standoff on the second floor. At least one motel guest encountered Michael Boyce and outside motel room seven took my dog out last night -- to set out there own. Said -- -- -- dog outside yet. And then he just went back and police called -- this morning telling them to grab their things and get out but negotiations would continue for hours with few signs of progress we're -- fooling around. Sort of speak it was time to step things up and try to end this. As peacefully as we could by mid afternoon state police officers turned to breaching explosions. They broke open motel room sevens windows and door but voice and still refuse to come out as neighbors watched the drama unfold mostly just the swat on. -- can force the snipers up on the hill and the robot going up the stairs. And then when they fired him I guess there is either battering grammar if they fired gas into the room I'm not really sure but there's a couple of loud bangs. Eventually the negotiations came to an abrupt halt when police decided to go into the motel room the encounter went very well the subject was already down on the floor. So there's no further resistance from him officers discovered voice and lying on his back on the floor suffering from self inflicted wounds they were not gunshot injuries or some sort of cuts. As medics loaded voice and into the ambulance officers could be seen walking away smiling neighbors to. Glad it ended the way it did because in in and no one was hurt. He was wounded he's gonna survive -- all go back to normal tomorrow it'll just be another day here in Lincoln city.

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{"id":18716402,"title":"Grandparents Slay Suspect Caught at Oregon Motel","duration":"1:40","description":"Michael Boysen, 26, was found by police with apparent self-inflicted cuts to his body.","url":"/US/video/grandparents-slay-suspect-caught-at-oregon-motel-18716402","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}