Possible Gunman Reported On Yale University Campus

Police search for alleged gunman after anonymous reports made, students ordered indoors.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Possible Gunman Reported On Yale University Campus
Again that's -- New York with some breaking news at this hour the Yale University campus is on lockdown this afternoon as police are searching for person. With a gun spotted on the New Haven campus students and faculty. We're -- -- order to shelter in place a little more than an hour ago and now heavily armed police are on the scene. On the search joining us now ABC news has learned her ski area what is the ways we've heard them from the campus. -- Yale put the campus on and on -- lockdown and told students those who are left before the Thanksgiving holiday to shelter in place. And it is told anybody who's a member of the Yale community that's off campus at the moment to just stay away and and we've seen. Images of police blocking access roads to that the main part of campus there after this report -- -- gun. This started a couple of hours ago. Call from a phone Booth in New Haven, Connecticut reporting. The caller said that saw somebody with a gun. -- police have not yet apparently seen that person because -- also tells us that police are on campus currently looking. For that gunman but we've seen those heavily armed police officers maybe even members of the military that have a swarmed the campus now. Searching for this for this person. AA inked a promise of the situations very fluid -- we have seen some of them -- that are there on campus there but. -- swat teams as well military also still responding to the situation. According to students who are who -- on campus and and tweeting out their photographs of of heavily armed. Tactical teams that have their long guns drawn -- all over campus. A searching -- says for this gunman after a gunman was reported on campus -- little love less than two hours ago. And -- the that. Concern of course is that. That this turns into an in active shooter situation that's the ultimate fear but at the moment. No reports of any shots fired do we know it was -- a single anonymous tip has there been any corroboration from that it seems that there hasn't started as as it. Tip from a phone -- caller. But then apparently -- -- was sort of concerned enough that it had been verified that somebody actually did see someone with a gun. That they put the campus -- -- -- -- an issue -- order to shelter in place what the school does not say it's whether there is actually a gunman. Or whether it's simply that someone confirms that yes in fact they believe what they saw. And now we're getting word from premiere held at the police are actively searching for this -- -- not clear that police have actually laid eyes on. Anybody with a gun and again no reports of any shots fired the good news here. Of course is that this is so approaching -- Thanksgiving break and so school is not as full. As -- ordinarily would be what about this particular area of campus I know it's called old campus is it dorms the classrooms. And it's it's of quadrennial area so -- tickets have finite section of campus and that's what police are able to close it down. A pretty easily and and an announcement won out over dorm rooms in the area to shelter in place and so we've seen students taking you know cell -- images. Other vehicle windows in some case looking down on -- the street. Where those officers in tactical gear and place. And then that is the alert that was set up there and the on the website of the Yale and as well as we've been reporting that has been. Sent out via Twitter and other social media as well and that that -- called being put in place. ABC's Eric -- if on the latest on that area thank you we appreciate that thanks of course we will have a complete report as more details do command right here on abcnews.com for now on Dan Butler in New York. With this breaking news.

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{"id":21005963,"title":"Possible Gunman Reported On Yale University Campus ","duration":"3:00","description":"Police search for alleged gunman after anonymous reports made, students ordered indoors.","url":"/US/video/gunman-reported-yale-university-campus-21005963","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}