Hero Dog Seeks Surgery to Repair Face Injuries

Kabang risked its own life to protect girl from being hit by a motorcycle.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero Dog Seeks Surgery to Repair Face Injuries
City. A national hero in the -- -- beats. -- not -- on American soil looking for a miracle much of her face was sheared off about a year ago in the Philippines. After she threw herself in front of motorcycle that was about to hit her owner's daughter and niece. He relics to save the young girls have garnered her international fame wow that just goes to show McCain -- -- Unconditional IA analysts say that's the world renowned UC Davis veterinary hospital is looking to see what they do for -- hero dog. Brought to California Michael bonds debt in the Philippines -- land. Welcome all seems to be able to -- and do other normal things a web -- raise the 20000 dollars needed for her flight and care. Verified with someone -- they've just been ovations. And we're very hopeful that -- would get the best and modern. Here -- she needs. Still supposed to drop their dog Zoe to the same hospital for a follow up to her high accident. When they ran into this severely disfigured the bomb. -- -- You know it's very surprised because I just noticed. There's no nose at us now it's just and in eyes dock owners come to UC Davis animal hospital from far and near to get help. That man was outfitted with a wheelchair after getting hit by a car and whisky recently got a cutting edge but life saving operation for a new job alone. People here are rooting for -- -- as a remarkable and it's amazing that she got the funding to do that and we just hope that you know we can do whatever we can make her happy healthy and just. You know be able to enjoy life but she deserves. That's believed cup -- will need at least two surgeries one for dental work this one would attempt to close the gaping wound on her face. At UC Davis and -- -- -- ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":17471391,"title":"Hero Dog Seeks Surgery to Repair Face Injuries","duration":"3:00","description":"Kabang risked its own life to protect girl from being hit by a motorcycle.","url":"/US/video/hero-dog-seeks-surgery-repair-face-injuries-17471391","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}