Man's Beating Caught on Tape

Two N.J. men are arrested after posting video of the alleged attack online.
0:46 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man's Beating Caught on Tape
A TI matter under arrest happened today allegedly beat a homeless man and then posted a video of the assault on line it happened in a wooded area in wall township New Jersey I want them beating appeared on YouTube that brought a public backlash and quick action by police. -- the pair identified by police -- twenty year old Taylor -- and seventeen year old or a separate room -- They repeatedly beaten into -- local homeless the and the taller of the two knees the homeless -- -- Brighton. That's honestly disgusting because people. You don't know that guy's story you don't know if you will if you don't know if you why he's almost nobody seems almost people who use bombs in its designers are discussing. While it is unclear what became of victim whose face is being. It was shown bleeding -- during the videotaped attack.

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{"id":15196227,"title":"Man's Beating Caught on Tape","duration":"0:46","description":"Two N.J. men are arrested after posting video of the alleged attack online.","url":"/US/video/homeless-mans-beating-caught-on-tape-15196227","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}