Husband Searches Landfill for Wife's Ring

Florida man combed through garbage for 90 minutes before finding the ring.
1:22 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Husband Searches Landfill for Wife's Ring
He -- inanimate Gwynn are all kisses and smiles now but they weren't when he accidentally threw her 101000 dollar engagement ring in the garbage. I remember her giving it to me after the in the shower with my disposable razor and -- news that a picture and. What Brian did next tested the boundaries of true love after tracking down the garbage truck that picked up from their neighborhood. He headed here to the wheel of greater jump in Pompano Beach. The truck that his -- was then -- approximately 900. So if you think about that that's more than a needle in the haystack. Before Brian headed inside the dump site he was given some items to keep -- -- like this protective white suit. Some goggles are hard hat gloves and a mask but unfortunately. There was nothing to protect them from the stands. When I walked in I actually physically got -- when -- personally. Still -- Brian persevered knowing that his wife of five years would be crushed if he came home empty handed incredibly after about an hour he found his garbage bag. He then took off his gloves and rooted around in the sludge. I pulled it out and let out the biggest. Happy is cream my life he's my hero -- show our.

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{"id":14951674,"title":"Husband Searches Landfill for Wife's Ring","duration":"1:22","description":"Florida man combed through garbage for 90 minutes before finding the ring.","url":"/US/video/husband-searches-landfill-wifes-ring-14951674","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}