Idaho Man's Severed Finger Found in Trout

Finger lost in wakeboarding accident discovered two months later by fisherman cleaning out his catch.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Idaho Man's Severed Finger Found in Trout
Calvin Nolan and mark Blackstone usually this year wrongly on -- and they view but in early September they decided to take a trip north -- -- -- they caught a series of large Trout. When they went to clean one of them while. They got a surprise there was an amazing Calvin -- -- headed out on late today like they've done countless times together they can't boatloads of fish but -- they come out earlier this month stood out. And it wasn't that -- itself but we're salt water starts involved there the -- and I might. Not think it was there. It was only five pound Trout nothing special at least on the outside when no one company's annual economic crime -- Dances -- I think that's -- -- in the entire human finger looks like it was swallowed whole. They took it out put it on -- and gave it to the potter county sheriff. Sheer skin fingerprint and yesterday called owns -- I just when he told me that exists was. And it didn't shock me because that's what I've been telling people -- a site. Let me guess you found my finger -- It turns out glossy lost this finger -- three others in -- wake boarding accident back in June 8 miles from its final resting place inside that fish. The wrote somehow looped around his hand like a lasso and when the boat accelerated -- yanked off his fingers I'm surprised to have lost fingers yet. He knows what I -- told myself and I'm glad it's not my hand. This year it's still has the finger for now who lost his doctor told him there's no way he can reattach itself -- is ensuring full retreat at. Even though other people and fish have gone to great lengths to accidentally -- -- for him. My friend tells me is likely to have people Sanjay lottery tickets 'cause you -- you're really like here right now. And suspicious -- story they won't have to exaggerate about this that we'll remember for. Leaders to come that the -- -- of there's still. And they view you -- K excellent for HD news.

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{"id":17338240,"title":"Idaho Man's Severed Finger Found in Trout","duration":"3:00","description":"Finger lost in wakeboarding accident discovered two months later by fisherman cleaning out his catch.","url":"/US/video/idaho-mans-severed-finger-found-trout-17338240","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}