Immigrant Voices Take Stand Against Trump at Philadelphia Protest

ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks to an Asian-American immigrant who is protesting for the first time.
3:15 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Immigrant Voices Take Stand Against Trump at Philadelphia Protest
He tells your first and last time relied on a failed long. Any deal that brought you in your father out here today. Asks range. The injustice. I have pretty much being completely and utterly disgusted with our government and that would be it. We're only a few days it to Donald Trump president and its tire fire. Show us your son. Yesterday that was an inning and it's really really what he's making use them everything all of its second quarter. Black. Any sort of humanity in anything he's been doing hearings can be. He choices he's making just everything he's been dealing. It is I their ignorance or heart disease and or. Dear to make a very small segment of the population happy while everybody else just falls apart. You know I have friends who can't you know whose relatives can't visit I had friends who it. Care act. Coverage. You know everything it's it's a disaster and let's not be getting some women's health issue. That's just too big initiated wrapped in rain around. So you were telling me that you are still Angry Birds that our government figure out. And rates to figure out here back to back aides tell us how. Exercise your rage in your right to progress well I'm going to come out. I'm going to. Right I'm going to tweet I'm going to call. I went to congressman lands perk. Clinton office last night with about fifty other people. I'm gonna get involved. Yeah every day I'm gonna do little that is something and then I'll tell me different. And tell us you're out here with your mom snapped lines and you got. First time she's ever economy. And I spent eight years 78 years old and it's the first time you've been out here spin. Last night's Leonard Lance thought that was the first time she ever did anything like this I have to something. I have to do with them and why is that because I'm brown learned. And you could sit on the side like heading up. What is the message you want to send the alliance's planes on the slots and laugh and make up. Wake up. And right thing. And what about today would be what you want to tell us GOP members come. Senators hearing yours and send things. But people now we live here any further constituent we have feedings. I'm not dummies. They cannot be close better off. What's your name and my name's and I went along. What's your name again dale cocktail. Well I want to thank you so much for talking to ABC digital. Injured.

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{"id":45066970,"title":"Immigrant Voices Take Stand Against Trump at Philadelphia Protest ","duration":"3:15","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks to an Asian-American immigrant who is protesting for the first time.","url":"/US/video/immigrant-voices-stand-trump-philadelphia-protest-45066970","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}