Internet Dubs Canadian PM Trudeau and Pres. Obama 'Bromance'

The White House hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a State Dinner.
1:58 | 03/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Internet Dubs Canadian PM Trudeau and Pres. Obama 'Bromance'
Last night was also a big night at the White House which welcomed gas from our neighbor to the north President Obama was to Canada's new prime minister along with a host of Canadian celebrities. It is he Serena Marshall asked the latest. It's the romance taking the Internet by storm president Barack Obama and Canadian prime minister just century ago. In DC for the first state visit by Canadian prime minister and almost twenty years. Cheers. From a star studded state dinner that included a performance by Sarah moralists not. The official arrival ceremony bonding over a baby and treating a few friendly jabs. There's some things we rule prime never Grail. Whose beer is better. Who's better hockey. Where's the Stanley Cup right now. The romance turning to hash tag true Obama. The dynamic panda loving care he boxing 44 year old often compared to Obama both campaigned on a message of hope in change. The approval from need to be able to counts of on the friend yet. He who has. Those who lives. Through many other things that I'm about to encounter on a political. Stage on the international stage it's a great conference that. The two leaders re committing to the US Canada relationship including new efforts to reduce methane emissions from gas and oil production. You know and Obama reassured Trudeau that although searches for a meeting to Canberra. Whose country estate from an American surge following the election. In 2012. When. There was the possibility that I might be reelected there were folks who were threatening to go to canned as well. Expected romance to continue this summer when President Obama heads to Canada for the North American leaders summit. Where he will also address the Canadian parliament Serena Marshall ABC news Washington.

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{"id":37575187,"title":"Internet Dubs Canadian PM Trudeau and Pres. Obama 'Bromance'","duration":"1:58","description":"The White House hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a State Dinner. ","url":"/US/video/internet-dubs-canadian-pm-trudeau-pres-obama-bromance-37575187","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}