James 'Whitey' Bulger Found Guilty

South Boston mob boss found guilty of 11 murders.
14:09 | 08/12/13

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Transcript for James 'Whitey' Bulger Found Guilty
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm Dan pepper and -- the CBC news digital special reports. Breaking news out of Boston Whitey Bulger guilty to Boston mob boss convicted of racketeering. And eleven murders and most likely going away for the rest of his life and 82 year old was on trial for two months for crimes that were decades old. Former accomplices testified against him in a bizarre trial after they accused Bulger. Of snitching to the FBI James Whitey Bulger the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character in the film the departed. And was Boston's most notorious gangsters in the seventies and the eighties and now guilty. For racketeering I want to bring in Michelle McPhee who has been on the case for ABC news it was in the courtroom when that verdict was read. Michelle so many charges in this case the highest profile accusations. What were they and what did the jury find him on. There is that while high profile accusations -- ones that murder I mean that the white tee ball there. Prosecutor -- was animal -- -- And anyone gotten in the way of making money with idealistic -- extortion and racketeering it was simply -- And at the gunfire in this trial it is in the apparent that you act in 1960 that he was involved in some of these -- Everything that white voters and attorney Dick Foley denied but that he was involved in numbers between -- In nineteen people charged in this sleeping there it is how racketeering indictment -- it's fine or both. Murder case. They can actually get BP. Was not prove it. That was. As startling moment in the courtroom especially exports he gave the victim's brother who is and here every day he -- -- decades. What. What you don't -- in the apples -- they'll wait for the murder its sister. And new England and I act as the day of the nineteen murders the probability -- He -- Until he until eleven Monday eleven no where like put on here who was indeed -- his father of three. Who is giving its Frontline however not all white and prosecutors described -- her -- -- But white people that John -- not want a man and one quick and ambushed the vehicle -- -- Chili -- and then. I've gotten more -- with FBI supervisor apologize. To the -- you and we during the what just -- from the CN. Because he is that -- -- FBI is in blue -- Well there to challenge for operation which -- -- -- in the death. So Michelle this case thing going on for two months now and obviously it's catching the attention of beyond Boston its -- of being the country's attention because. Of the details of this case that really -- people were wondering is this even real because of the charges that were filed against them. So how long in that two month trial now did it take the jury to deliver these verdicts. Populated get jury deliberated for five days at area you mention that. The -- -- politics is sparked already in the art. Are also not their television shows including Arnett analyst -- such ample all on the -- -- because also not just the well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that was also very light which acted so in other bullets suspect as an involved it was a center Esther wild on ranch and he FBI corruption. That would -- about in this case but simply staggering. Staggering. And I would argue there's been in the -- -- -- have gotten a lot or actions and he has that yet. All the while he that's for questioning how far it went right -- city. Urged on them if -- He was on the run for years and it wasn't until 2011 that he was captured in California and missiles a case. They had played the FBI not only in Boston are really across the country. -- in 1994. Altered the indictment that we finally occurred in the page had initially -- back in 1994. Author and citizen by an -- about it -- out by ancillary FBI and other agencies aren't -- -- -- -- -- you like Iraq and we now reality and sixteen years -- in the department of a couple of blocks on the stand markets here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The two of them out already variable you know that's. There were affluent area for certain immediately into the courtroom over the fourth in this trial audience rhapsody in the twentieth lap and there were thirty weapon that was separated in the wall. And -- apartment. When he -- -- dollars in cash. -- State's -- he would and Bill Walton. You know very you know me Monica -- So there -- a lot of questions about. How exactly it will -- there -- -- to. They rent stabilized apartment rent for apartments in -- that was going to be you know roughly five miles. -- had -- Which is where there is an -- its effects of the injured in for up. -- -- -- on the -- Often special agent in charge. -- -- It is Los Angeles office where there. Ironically. It was but -- -- -- corruption cases -- there there's still a lot of at the park and the people -- it. Let me ask the government -- -- aspect of this trial. But from inside the courtroom where you -- Michelle what was -- -- reaction when that verdict was read it. He had no reaction it was stressed in a -- -- very teacher. Blue jeans. And can -- -- children be it on and sit on the senate president bill while there is you didn't do. And if he had no reaction. However most reaction from Stanley that the victims well and there that day listening to -- Doesn't sound a lot one murdered and wouldn't you know it it as -- as -- -- -- -- backing -- -- and walked -- -- -- And then you -- the family. Michael -- you the innocent bystander in the days. Here's what else and her three -- and here negating big again invisibly. I mean I think real emotion came from Olympic and so and decades. Trying to -- -- a law. An -- -- was it -- America. And when those deliberations or five days ago there was some confusion in the beginning what -- the jury asked for that. Prison whatever stumbling block. -- this was a very complicated. And active. Indictment that and decades of -- It away and it's I rallies but rebels under the old murder charges stickier as you know -- believe the government -- that -- On Monday murders that also not built -- for the -- that has so -- -- back a year in 1970 by ignoring Angelo group. I was and in -- now -- pulled from the confidence car. And his father who was also murdered during a war that your outlook this street the mosque and -- -- -- -- Our one. What is supposedly her. That jurors decided that the prosecution didn't but -- is sticking their that the prosecution. Includes Jason that the -- Murder is there was testimony. This format. Former partner. David Wright a man. But it's back out -- their practice and run than it did at the neck and records were based and where you you know -- remembered and then buried later. And it shallow grave -- Bradley each and Dorchester Massachusetts. It and indeed has in this case had just been so. Graphic and as -- -- obviously is really captured so much attention and everyone was waiting to see -- Bulger himself would take the stand he did not. But clearly he made his presence -- in that courtroom. It's estimated at elders and artists you a bomb -- hurdles. From eyewitness and -- and Civil Rights Act and the defense able to -- witness stand there was a threat that was made. -- Kevin Lee who was convicted of -- Iqbal says that he -- and Eleanor read that again there. Bulger's attorney -- -- we all accusing city itself or -- And he -- not on Iraq Iraq Iraq. Or aren't involved is born -- cooperation yelled -- the. And -- athlete but what you do don't arguing that -- -- want is simple or aren't. But -- for the border -- about buying out in the former nanny very powerful trial there was a lot of old Margaret. And buried victims aren't very sorry airing Boston accent. I am not an ensemble -- -- as an inherent distract. Being forced the -- Russian roulette. But -- which -- bright -- described by the book it would suck it up art it indictments. And Brad I'd get really an indictment -- having aides said that he was forced to stand on a plastic car. While -- his properties. -- -- 100000 dollars that it have a 100000 -- that things up for their wallets but it is they -- -- after that child. So attack and it was that you mentioned certainly listen graphic. And it just. So little about polarity. While there was -- laughing -- As -- -- Partners an inscription that. You know somebody. Mentioned to -- understand about how Bulger has -- -- -- -- Lancaster street. And that victim told asphalt or what you do. And about -- -- -- I still believe -- you. An analyst at the last from the age being able -- -- so it isn't bad and I mean -- Whirlwind of activity playing out here in the south -- forum -- by the way it -- a couple of blocks from looking -- -- murder. You know less than two miles away what you vulnerable -- order. I can tell you that when I was a reporter in New Hampshire when I first moved out there and this was certainly is some of the lord that you learned very very quickly because. And as you pointed -- Michelle there are so many details in so many of these cases. That you almost shake your head and say is that real and in fact we've been hearing in fact from these testimonies that we've heard over the past two months. Stories were very true and and certainly -- -- it created a lot of lore and a lot of color that that that a lot of people who. Born and raised in Boston have been sharing over the years and now it played out in front of a courtroom so. Being guilty now of racketeering what is next for Bulger. The big and growing up safeguards elected appoint you -- quite ancient -- sort themselves be. He needs or other girls -- -- to walk the streets here right and we all in the opening statement but that is it couldn't be further from the truth. -- -- -- -- stepped down well from what threatened have been and that the what -- -- for acting exploit or chicken somebody out as. And he absolutely had a hand in the country which -- -- -- Albanian -- aren't going on nine dollars. So is he now eligible to face -- death penalty. The there isn't that's out these states here and in Massachusetts but because of the federal trial that he could get enough of is suspected it will -- its variable speed and stick your -- as the impetus right he got on the board of county correctional parents in the -- and -- -- A -- -- -- checked and as Harry and their heart checked out. Now it is the story is that it is actually fastening like -- -- as we've been hearing on the testimony the details of which. -- ever question now really coming to light -- being -- as fact. I just wanna ask a little bit more Michelle is a little background Bulger what is his connection with the FBI essentially how did that affect the way this whole case unfolded. Well in 1975. He needed deal he has units unrelated deal. -- has -- his body and they often aren't you -- are read and not because aren't aren't elation at the scene that boat. And Bulger and sell it Baylor -- that became he has been treated. She decided to try to turn it alternatively won't be -- very alcoholic partnership. It -- highly popular got a lot of -- Actually an -- -- that you don't need yeah and involved but a lot of it and and an event they. All of these little battles aren't chizik is -- -- -- you know look. You know thirty of the. All right thank you Michelle we certainly appreciate your time your insight and the analysis from inside the courtroom where Whitey Bulger. Was found guilty. Of eleven murders on the run for decades captured in 2011 and now after a two month trial in five days of deliberation a jury has found him. Guilty of racketeering including a connection to eleven killings he was initially charged with eleven murders eleven of which. Have now been pinned on him. Of course being known as the former notorious mob boss of the winter hill gang meant -- that plagued Boston and much of Massachusetts for decades. Now he has been found guilty of racketeering. We have a complete report on abcnews.com. For now I'm Dan -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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