Jodi Arias Describes Violent Sex Before Shooting

Defendant says violent sex with Travis Alexander preceded the killing of her ex-boyfriend.
5:06 | 02/20/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Describes Violent Sex Before Shooting
What did he do he had your arm. Behind his back. He pressed his client against my back. Or you -- shame. And the direction this there are. I was facing. The first week -- -- you're facing the death. Pianist who spent over the years I guess things from happening. So -- ran over this. Correct yes. And he said his groin area was pressed up against your -- -- Where you -- cause yes. Was he -- votes yes. You mentioned that you were bent over this past. How did that happen to be pushing down -- what. How did you get into that position yet he didn't have my right arm and sending -- Was he saying anything -- you isn't telling you to do a particular thing. -- -- I don't -- What he says -- that he painful. So when you're in this position. What happens next. And well -- kind of does he address briefly in the eastern corner. Well -- the first court appearance that he addresses a few times and then started calling me and trusted. -- -- -- -- He pressed his client -- me. -- -- -- -- -- Did you hear mr. Alexander while it was. In his office when the back. No I don't remember. -- -- -- -- When you shut the -- -- clean yourself off. Was it then your plan. -- -- -- I was dancing in my it and eventually we are still. Paying enough evidence in the afternoon at one to. Taking my life in a nice thing. Any office. And speeding up fifteen minutes and -- we decided to go upstairs and humor action or let me ask a question. This death. Moments before you -- yourself. And you went back in the office to talk to him. He had just thank you over the desk and -- -- related that. Weren't you angry when he yeah. At this point in time were you -- Decision. What are you hoping to accomplish by going office after his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That means to you. Minutes. Him leaving not -- -- me leaving -- -- No not. At that -- me. Win. You went back into the office. Talk to him. -- He was a lot calmer. -- -- maintaining. Did you leave them. -- -- We decided upstairs and he -- Clinton's. There instance. Photograph him before discharge him because he was. Proud of this -- right. And as far this. Engaging in case. Particular. Section -- photo session that day. -- suggested was. -- -- -- I think I turned out there that day. It's something you've been wanting to do.

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{"id":18547308,"title":"Jodi Arias Describes Violent Sex Before Shooting","duration":"5:06","description":"Defendant says violent sex with Travis Alexander preceded the killing of her ex-boyfriend.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-describes-violent-sex-before-shooting-18547308","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}