Joe Paterno Dead at 85

Legendary Penn State football coach losses battle with lung cancer.
3:17 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Joe Paterno Dead at 85
We have breaking news to report -- Joseph Paterno. Has died the family of the legendary former Penn State -- university coach who was fired you remember back in November. -- you've been suffering from complications from lung cancer. And a broken pelvis in recent days he was 85 years of age his family just announced that is -- great sadness we announced that Joseph Paterno. Passed away earlier today his lost leaves us with a void that will never be filled with -- dye guessed he lived. He fox hard to the end. Devastatingly. Sad news from. State. The state of Pennsylvania state college this morning Joseph Paterno. Dead according to his family now at the age of 85 -- Paterno the winningest coach. In the history. College football Dan Harris. Has this look back at the life of Joseph -- -- Born in Brooklyn in 1926. Joseph Vincent Paterno devoted more than forty years. To coaching Penn State's football team the Nittany Lions. Leading the team to a record breaking 409. Wins and two national titles. Okay. Joseph -- as he was affectionately known could have left the lions any time for the NFL. But instead he stayed with the college team you love. Stay -- hood I felt this is where I would be happier. And then I could do more good. Although Paterno led the team under the motto of victory would honor his sterling reputation. Took a big hit in November 2011. When his former assistant coach Jerry -- -- -- and was arrested on child sex abuse charges. When it was revealed that Paterno might have known about the abuse the university -- Joseph Paterno is no longer than -- football coach. Effective immediately. -- it's instantly group yeah. Yeah. And treated like that. Shortly thereafter Paterno revealed he was battling lung cancer and he began undergoing a regiment of radiation. And chemotherapy. Two months after the scandal broke his health declining the former coach finally broke his silence speaking to the Washington Post. -- -- -- -- Parents can put. Q I have never had to -- to -- I have a few people. Paterno said because he was unsure how to handle the situation he looked back to weigh in passed on the information to university officials. But those officials never told police and yeah yeah right. Despite the backlash over his firing Paterno refused to speak -- and -- insisting he did not violate his own moral code. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In his final hours students returned to campus leaving mementos besides the statue of that towering titan of college football. Inscribed on that statue in his own words they ask me what I'd like written about me when I'm done I hope they write that in made Penn State. Of their place.

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{"id":15415437,"title":"Joe Paterno Dead at 85","duration":"3:17","description":"Legendary Penn State football coach losses battle with lung cancer. ","url":"/US/video/joe-paterno-dead-85-15415437","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}