Joe Paterno Passes Away at Age 85

Take a look at the life and career of the legendary Penn State coach.
2:17 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Joe Paterno Passes Away at Age 85
The chant among the student body is we are in states but for the 46 years -- -- head football coach. Penn State was Joseph Paterno. A native of Brooklyn new York and a graduate of Brown University paternal followed his college coach to Penn State as an assistant. Disappointing his father who thought he would -- his Ivy League education to study law. After sixteen years as an assistant he took over as head coach and built the university into a powerhouse on the gridiron. In 1982 he won his elusive first national title four years later he repeated that feat. His teams would also five undefeated seasons Paterno would earn more bowl appearances -- bowl wins than any other coach in the history. He was a five time national coach of the year and in 2007. Was inducted into the college football hall of fame. Within 350. Of his players signed and a full contracts many of them fiercely loyal to the college coach. And yet all the success on the field was never at the expense of education. Graduation rates for Penn State football players annually ranked among the highest of any college football program. In 2011. The man affectionately known as Joseph -- Became the winningest coach in NCAA division one history. What that 400 in ninth win would be his last decades of accidents would soon be overshadowed by the revelation that -- -- -- allegations that his former defense of coach Jerry sandusky was sexually abusing young boys. But did -- do enough to stop it. Less than a week later in November of 2011. -- the living legend was abruptly fired. Joseph Paterno is no longer the head football coach. Effective immediately. Announcement sparked massive student rioting. To the end to maintain -- uphold the standards he set for his players and for himself. And have moved from. Street it. We're who went from the dead. His accomplishments are undeniable but only time will tell to what extent Joseph Paterno -- legacy will be -- by -- scandal. -- the final months of his life. Leaves behind is devoted -- to five children and seventeen grandchildren and TJ Winick ABC news New York.

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{"id":15415527,"title":"Joe Paterno Passes Away at Age 85","duration":"2:17","description":"Take a look at the life and career of the legendary Penn State coach. ","url":"/US/video/joe-paterno-passes-age-85-15415527","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}