John Wayne Gacy Victim Identified

DNA is used to identify William George Bundy as victim of '70s serial killer.
1:27 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for John Wayne Gacy Victim Identified
Investigators if -- were call found 33 victims of serial killer John gacy -- buried under. The crawl space in his displays area home back in 1978 and December. Sheriff dart said the victim number nineteen. Now hasn't named bill but he was nineteen years old when he went missing in October of 1976. He was a student at -- high school his sister says she his long suspected he was one of Jon Casey's victims. But his dental records have been destroyed by his status to head. Retired at that point so there was no way to identify him until the sheriff and the University of North Texas began DNA testing. -- today's a terribly sad day for my family. Especially my brother and I. But he's also did it provides closure. For over thirty years our family has dollar unanswered questions regarding bill. But now with technology and the efforts that sheriff Tom dart -- his detective Jason Moran those questions are answered. Mr. buddy's parents both passed away. Within the last decade now the results that came back from the University of North Texas also included results from five four other families. Sheriff dart says those four have all been excluded as possible victims of John gacy so they do not have -- there are still. As many as a dozen other samples that have been submitted. Sheriff is hoping that there will be more matches from those samples.

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{"id":15049666,"title":"John Wayne Gacy Victim Identified","duration":"1:27","description":"DNA is used to identify William George Bundy as victim of '70s serial killer.","url":"/US/video/john-wayne-gacy-victim-identified-15049666","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}