Josh Powell Denied Child Custody

Washington judge orders father of two to undergo psycho-sexual evaluation.
1:38 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Powell Denied Child Custody
The evidence was allegedly taken from Josh Powell's Utah home by investigators. Some type of images that his attorney refer to as questionable. Illegal images you know I asked -- -- he saw nothing on there that he believed would be in violation of the law bad taste. I'll give you -- what he was describing to me. But the images are enough that judge Kathryn Nelson is ordering Josh Powell to now undergo a Psycho sexual -- valuation. And for the time being is going to keep Powell's two young sons with the parents of his missing wife where we're really we're we're happy to have with us. -- the best advocates. The judge made that ruling in spite of questions raised by Powell about the two -- care including an accident that resulted in the five year old going to the hospital for a second degree -- But at guardian appointed for the boys says they are doing well. -- -- -- -- with the -- of them have been -- bond with -- parents Susan Powell disappeared from her Utah home in December of 2009 and in spite of an intensive investigation. No sign of her has been discovered. Josh Powell is the only named person of interest in connection with her disappearance. But in a bizarre twist. Last September Steven Powell Josh -- father. Was arrested for -- here -- a man child pornography. Now the assistant attorney general says Utah investigators want it to make sure. This family court saw the images they allegedly got from Josh -- home down there. He denies ever looking at any children -- -- he denies any knowledge about any of these images that have reportedly been. Taken off of his computers.

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{"id":15498191,"title":"Josh Powell Denied Child Custody","duration":"1:38","description":"Washington judge orders father of two to undergo psycho-sexual evaluation.","url":"/US/video/josh-powell-denied-child-custody-15498191","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}