Jury Selection Under Way in Polo Mogul Case

John Goodman is accused of driving drunk and killing a college student in 2010.
1:13 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Jury Selection Under Way in Polo Mogul Case
On day two cameras followed John Goodman into the courthouse -- eleven floors and into a room eleven. Where jury selection was under way can you come into this setting. With the neutral. Mindset the judge and attorneys from both sides -- prospective juror looking for a fair and unbiased group of eight people. To head to trial did you see anything in -- the articles. Talking -- -- Monday or will have to find out -- years Paper the TV you must news on the TV -- Paper. The candidates today ranged from firemen to college professor but many said they wouldn't be able to form an untainted opinion. After watching media coverage thank you so very much for your time here today -- -- this time other jurors had close connections to the Goodman family. One was even appraising property values of John Goodman's state. For use in that civil lawsuit. Another new Goodman from working at a private jet facility. I think you're probably not the good -- for this case by noontime many candidates were dismissed and the geology and had to call in reinforcements from downstairs -- -- -- local villagers have -- rooms -- you can. Russell -- twenty mergers.

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{"id":15871597,"title":"Jury Selection Under Way in Polo Mogul Case","duration":"1:13","description":"John Goodman is accused of driving drunk and killing a college student in 2010.","url":"/US/video/jury-selection-under-way-polo-mogul-case-15871597","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}