Kamala Harris Reacts to Supreme Court Decision

California's attorney general calls for same-sex marriages to resume "as soon as possible."
39:26 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Kamala Harris Reacts to Supreme Court Decision
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm -- -- -- New -- -- ABC news digital special report the Supreme Court issued two major decisions in favor of same sex marriage today one. Striking down the defense of marriage act the other a dismissal of California's prop eight ruling ABC's -- Bradley has the latest on the cases and the restrictions. -- on good afternoon to you a historic day on the steps of the Supreme Court today. That's right Dan and they're still a lot of excitement out here so many people showing up to witness history this is not over and there will be more cases. But today a big win for same sex couples. Today major victories for supporters of gay rights the Supreme Court struck down the defense of marriage act. Saying it violates gays equal protection rights under the law. The ruling clears the way for legally married same sex couples to receive federal benefits. The vote was divided along ideological lines five to four outside the court supporters of gay rights erupted. 83 year old from Windsor -- the defense of marriage act to the High Court she spent 44 years with their partner Thea. Couple married in 2007. But wouldn't be a passed away. -- was slammed with a 360000. Dollar federal estate tax bill money she would not have had to pay if she'd been married to a man. So you have beaten the ending. Diminishing what if they. Head fall season. Marriage. In a separate decision concerning California's prop eight that justice -- cleared the way for legal same sex marriages in California. By refusing to rule on the substance of the case. The court simply said the defenders of the law had no standing to bring the case before the court. Back in March the justices heard arguments from lawyers representing two California couples who argued prop eight was unconstitutional. You are just as good. As everybody else no matter who you love no matter who your parents lives. During oral arguments the liberal justices seemed to agree questioning the rationale for restricting gays and lesbians from Mary. By not ruling on prop made a lower court's decision to strike down the law remains in effect so in California soon gay marriages might resume -- Horrible tomorrow -- I wanna talk a little bit about that prop eight decision. In a few moments that California's attorney general Kamal Harris is going to speak on the decision and how the state. -- now carry forward after the Supreme Court made its decision. How long do we expect same sex couples have to wait and before this ruling will then be binding and convenience. Force. What it's not entirely clear we heard from the lieutenant governor of California who said that it will take place. In a matter of weeks we've heard from other people who say that the gay marriages may resume soon but those are issues that the state. Pass to work out back in California but the anticipation is Dan is that it will happen soon it won't be a situation where it'll take years. -- know what about the fact that it's. Both the governor and lieutenant governor and attorney general. All refusing to defend that law and the Supreme Court and -- California governor Jerry Brown. What does that his reaction on this. Morning's decision. When you're right that's very significant and also with the -- -- case of course the Obama administration. Defending and -- -- speaking out. Against city and in so. That's where the court. Has been significant in saying that it's not going to take it on because it would because there wasn't proper standing. That allows the people -- the legislature back in California. As well as the governor and lieutenant governor and state officials. Him to move forward and to begin to legalize those marriages now that the court. Has an effect ruled that the lower the Supreme Court has ruled that the California lower court's decision. Will be valid. What about the reaction because obviously across the country everyone has been watching to find out exactly how the Supreme Court -- -- on both of those cases large celebrations. Took place in San Francisco city hall and in -- opening the -- is a little bit early to allow those big crowds inside. And outside the Supreme Court as well using huge amounts of demonstrations out there. What we haven't seen is a significant. Amount of negative reaction to these -- has there been surprised because of that. -- you know back in March with the oral arguments. The Supreme Court heard the oral arguments we saw. A much more diverse crowd -- saw people on both sides of the issue I think there was anticipation based on the arguments that were made back in. March that the justices seemed very suspicious. Don't mind so it is not a surprise that they decided to strike down the law. And -- people were still at work right now -- so I think you'll actually see. Here in Washington later in the day more people come out to the court more people gathering. But obviously this is an enormous decision you've seen an explosion. On Twitter and FaceBook and social media with. Many people weighing and it's obviously height issue that affects so many people. Yeah absolutely it's about rather we certainly appreciate your time your insight and your reporting and its -- and -- you bring up Twitter because President Obama. I had a few things to say regarding the ruling -- -- -- -- congratulations. Message with the hash -- love is love. Certainly surprises the president is traveling in Senegal. Africa and interesting to see how the president has transform his own evolutionary views on same sex marriage. Yeah he certainly has Dan remember last year before the election. He came out and said that he his views -- evolved that. -- parents of of his daughters. He had noticed. People were in the same sex relationships. And he saw that -- just like. He and Michelle and so his views have changed and he came out in support of same sex marriage and that really gave. A boost to people who support. This issue now the president. Actually called. People the plaintiffs in both of these cases and now one of them actually happen on live cable television. But rather remarkable moment but but the president wants to move the country forward because -- It it's going to be in the minds of -- a lot of Americans this is already settled the country has changed a lot since. We had dome -- back in the mid 1990s under the Clinton administration polls show a majority of Americans support same sex marriage. Right exactly and at the same time -- -- you -- at the fact the president did reach out. To those couples that were involved in the prop eight case and ABC's Terry Moran spoke with the couple when they just got off the phone from taking that. Call from Air Force One let's listen to what they had to say so. You've talked to the president to we did we talk to the president call from airports want to congratulate all of us. What was that like. I. I have to say I I was a little shaky at that moment I'm hearing his voice and then picturing him on the day and this state of the union and in his inaugural speech where he. Likened archives to -- out of Selma. And Seneca falls and feeling like -- recognize that this battle is a good battle for the whole country and he wants to be on the winning side. And he ends and he and I we all are generally ground would -- up. We said thank you Mr. President for everything you've done to help us with this battle and your leadership made a major difference in the outcome. Interest in the fact that it's you wonder what was the bigger announcement today the -- by the Supreme Court organ into. Personal phone call from the president to -- Bradley obviously on the steps of the Supreme Court ruling. Those that rulings coming up this morning and everyone watching to find out exactly how the Supreme Court would rule on the case. Thelma and of prop eight. I California's attorney general is about to speak were waiting to find out what she will have to say. The attorney general along with the governor for the state of California refusing to defend the prop eight. Legislation that banned same sex marriage and that is what. In forced private group to bring that case before the Supreme Court. Terry Moran also on the steps -- Supreme Court spoke with the other couple the other -- couple involved in the proposition eight case and here's what they had to say after the ruling was announced. But justice Kennedy's words were so eloquent and so spot on about how important this is and how we feel every day when we suffer those -- And others so many people around the country that will benefit from that ruling that you could really tell you about a quarterly through the ruling -- was head and. This is always been about equality for -- Jeff and I have been together for over a dozen years we know we want to get married to natural next step for us. You know encouraged. Structure of this is all about. -- it's about equality about. Freedom and liberty and and those are the values that we live by in this country -- hearing those words holidays it makes you feel like you're finally being treated like a full service. And higher as the chorus wells could affect. We did a good job. -- -- you just got engaged over here. It looked good but that was our that was the most public proposal on a real than never said yes on the microphone yeah yeah -- -- -- -- you're on the record records and Africa. Together in -- we are we were more in love today than. We learned that honeymoon phase and we first met in this case has brought us -- -- -- together and actually. Really define what marriage means to us it's given us a deeper and deeper understanding. Respect for how so. Well you know. We -- we're going through this together so it's not like one. One member of the relationship is going through in -- not so you're advertising with each -- supposed to sympathize because -- so what he feels I feel what I feel he feels. Throughout this entire process and it's been a four year journey. Some a lot of books and some downs but it -- we are still going on with our regular lives while this whole process goes on we had jobs we have bills. But it's been a fantastic process and are loving commitments -- -- has just absolutely deepened throughout the process. Think back to the day you met him when he started falling in love it here you are the pioneers who in the vanguard of this. National social movement from. It's very generous. What would those guys that sent. Well you know president that we -- like so many other couples in this country we're no different we're not. Stood up for how we felt and what we felt was -- and we felt was a natural love that products to -- It prohibited from -- when your denied the right. Damage from that swells up. At least two. Doubting yourself and you feel so does my country or my -- really want to sanction discrimination against it just because of the personnel. We're like everybody else we. Hope that everyone finds the person that they want to marry and has the right to do that because that's what our country's about him. Harvey Milk said hoped would never be silent and you can tell by -- chorus by the cheers but was never -- -- -- silent in this country. When he gonna -- merit a thought that's a really good as did attorney general says we -- Thank you very much personally to you for having -- -- an estimated. Let's not sue California where that State's attorney general is having her reaction to this morning's ruling. Look and today represents. A great day for Californian. It represents great day for United States. And for all of the people of the United States the United States Supreme Court today made clear. That proposition -- is unconstitutional. What we have argued all along. -- reference to the fourteen times the United States Supreme Court has found marriage to be a fundamental right. Is that -- prop eight denied same sex couples. They -- right. To marry. Their right to express their -- in a way that would be recognized by the law. It was against the very founding principles -- country. It denied them equal protection and due process and for that reason should be banned. And should not be allowed in this great state of California. Today the United States Supreme Court made a ruling. Based on the arguments we have been making all alone. The proponents of proposition eight did not have standing. What does that mean it means those people who want to denies same sex couples. The benefits of equal protection and due process under the United States constitution. Cannot do so simply because they don't like the notion. The United States Supreme Court in -- declared today they are bystanders. They are sitting in the sidelines. They can have their freedom of expression. But they cannot deny Americans they cannot deny citizens of this country equal protection and due process under the law. Today is a great day for our country. Today is that day. Not unlike everything we -- when we passed the Civil Rights Act. When we passed laws that say that all people are created equal. Today is today that reaffirms our commitment as the country. To giving every person equal protection and due process under the law. I sent a letter to the government. Outlining our position on this matter and essentially this letter. The governor received. Front and from me as his lawyer. Outlines. The love plant in California and our interpretation. And out what we have in it basically given the governor. And the department of public health. Is advice based on the law in California and a -- the United States. That -- -- 58 counties of the state of California. Must abide. By the ruling. -- walker from the district court. -- of stay is lifted and must commence. Marriages. In California. I'm also calling on the ninth circuit today. To urge them in the strongest terms. That that -- lift this day. And enforce the permanent injunction. That -- walker outlined. So that marriages can begin in California. Immediately. We have outlined in the -- -- that we have filed before the various courts of -- -- including the United States Supreme Court. That each day is not equal when it comes to individuals civil liberties and civil rights. Each day that passes when any individual is denied. There's civil liberties and civil rights is a sad day in our country and certainly in our state. And we know that these same sex couples have been denied equal protection under the law for far too mom. And each one of those days that has passed has been a day that a family member. Who may have enjoyed and participated in a wedding ceremony may have passed away. Each day that that's passed as a day that a baby may have been born. And that California child then. Is in a situation where they don't have the full dignity. That other children are half what they look up and they ask why can't my mommy's -- daddy's being married also. We cannot delay or deny individuals their civil rights and for that reason it again I -- the ninth circuit. To lift the stay as quickly. As possible. Today is a great day in our country because also the United States Supreme Court. Found unconstitutional the defense of marriage act. And found it unconstitutional. -- very big again basic principles outlined in our constitution. The cut in the concept is this it's called equal protection. It's that all people should be treated equally and fairly under the -- The -- decision in -- was exactly the right decision for the court to make understanding. That people like mrs. Windsor. Had been unfairly treated. When denied benefits under the federal law in that case -- dealt with taxes. But let's remember all the benefits were talking about that others of us otherwise enjoy. Benefits that come with Social Security benefits for those who serve in our military. To receive all of this -- that support that they rightly deserve. Today is a great day. In our country when the decision came down on dharma saying that is that is unconstitutional and I applaud -- -- state supreme court for its decision. In that matter. Enclosing -- -- questions say that I think that. That we -- Californians -- -- craft. We are -- gold -- great state. And I know that all Californians as evidenced by the most recent polling -- was -- 61%. Support same sex. And the right of these couples to marry. As equals under the law. We have -- constantly in California. 50000. Children. Two of the children of these same sex couples and today hopefully those. Little boys and girls. Our wherever they aren't summer camper hanging out -- school's obviously out. Hopefully if they are celebrating with their parents'. Understanding that they are equal to all and inferior to -- And by the ruling that we have today. I know that we is Californians will continue to do the work that we have while I was in fighting civil rights and civil liberties -- they can I'm happy answering questions. But it just as a reminder we're gonna do questions on the microphone just -- casting taking you to raise their anti today. Yes it is that. You responsibilities as chief law enforcement officer of the state but you mentioned the poll there yes give -- the measures you've -- around the state since prop eight give us them and them. The temperature the measure of public opinion based on your observation after -- prop eight if it were on the ballot again today. Would have the kind of supported had four years ago and and have you seen a sea change in public opinion people just want this over -- So I'll take my personal connection with this long standing in terms of fighting for and and believing that the LG BT community should received. Equal treatment under the law. But on this specific issue of marriage I'll tell you. On February 14 2004. I was -- -- and Cisco that morning blow it LA. And and the marriage -- story. And I was literally on my way to the airport I set I can't I can't leave without going by City Hall. And I drove up to city. And it was the most extraordinary sight it's. There were literally families. Children. -- people. Wrapped around this huge city -- there were balloons. It did did the energy that was coming out of this crowd was you could feel it was tangible. And I jumped out of the car and that I got got to be apart as I walked a different steps and in fact there was the assessor at the time -- needs that help help was married people. And I -- sure. And I actually performs marriages that to the fright came LA to have the rest might. And it was -- inexperience. And what I side there. Where. People human beings families productive people good people. Who just were so excited that they could have the legitimacy that anyone of us can -- -- having our loving relationships and bonds being recognized. I think after that day and certainly over the course of the last several used even post. Passage of prop eight which is in 2000 me. More and more Californians and Americans are starting to understand. That these couples -- their family matters. And their neighbors. And people who are leaders in the community. People who are otherwise in every -- respected. And are -- months. And that we cannot. If we are civil society treat them differently. Because of the choices they make about who they eleven Mary. And so on this subject to your question I think. Over a period of time quickly people are starting to realize that -- -- aside is -- not a mark the civil society. To have prejudice or bias. Are unequal treatment against a group of people because they make choices about who they want to marry that may not be the choices that one might personally thank. And -- I think it's quickly changing and I was just with -- got dotted this morning she's eight your result. And I was when explaining to her this decision and she -- to come about what why can't they anyway I don't get it. This is going to change when my eight year old -- -- -- Is of voting age we'll tell you will see it drastic -- chains and it and I'll look back at us and say how could it be. That there was wants a law that denied these folks equal protection. Unsure -- -- Robert agreement ABC seven. You know you mentioned you're asking the ninth circuit to lift the staked -- are there any reasons you have any reason to believe that there could be delays in them lifting -- -- and then secondly upon. The -- being lifted do you expect that there could be county clerk's. In the state that might denied marriage certificate. So fun. At the expense of being opera school picnic -- So there isn't a Supreme Court oral. It basically says that that such a setback today -- the United States Supreme Court that they issued a ruling. And so the ruling is on dharma and on prop eight down my that -- constitutional update -- -- so it goes back to ninth circuit. It's not a judgment it's a ruling that judgment. The legal impact that. It has lately five -- -- so there's a rule of court basically Supreme Court ruled -- you have to. And and that's for justice and let the process take place and then after that money five days. The judgment will issue and then it will go to the ninth circuit and saying this is our judgment. So there is there could potentially be that -- -- -- Arab point is the ninth circuit. Court of Appeals has it within its power. And ability to lift the stay before the judgment comes down. And so what I am asking specifically. Is that the -- to the circuit lift its -- so when the ninth circuit does that. That remaining -- -- the remaining law of the land in California. Are the words of Judge Vaughn Walker. Who said under equal protection and due process. Prop -- is unconstitutional. And therefore every of the 58 counties. Will be enjoined. From enforcing the unconstitutional. Law it was -- -- meaning that it will be prohibited from enforcing a law that is unconstitutional. And what is the authority behind I got three pieces of information Italians -- again it may be too much but execute you'll appreciate. So that the first part is that that that specific language in -- judge Walker's ruling. Was that the defendant's right in there so that at the time where the county's. In their official capacities and all persons under the control or supervision of them. Are permanently. Enjoined from enforcing -- OK so that was his explicit language. So that meant that governor the you know the department public the attorney general -- -- join an all people under their jurisdiction. The county -- are under their jurisdiction for the purposes of this and in particular under the jurisdiction of the department of public health which is why I issued this letter reminding -- that. So the department of house being one of the people specifically told by John by -- locker. That you guys cannot enforce prop eight now must tell the people that they supervise the -- walker told them to you guys can't do this. And so it is our opinion based on that act based on the fact that there's a case called -- here. That basically said that -- and -- remember that was about marriage is also that the counties cannot enforce. They can't force. Arbitrarily that law because they are state officers they were under the guidance of the state their agents of the state so they have to do whatever the state is is -- -- to do it. And editor's rules 65 which is a federal which basically makes the same which is that united in which to provides a -- -- And answer for that reason so that's the legal basis but the for that reason I am absolutely certain. And sure that our analysis on this is correct. Which is that the each of the 58 denies its -- California. Has to follow the ruling of Judge Vaughn Walker. Which says that this is unconstitutional. You are enjoined from permanently he wrote in his opinion permanently. Enjoined from enforcing proposition eight. An unconstitutional. Yes -- CBS news. -- question but I have a follow up to this question so are you saying that at the ninth circuit. Releases there's there's there's Taylor hole and prior to the -- five days of Skoda is that -- -- to resume a 425 billion. Yes I -- I am absolutely saying that if the ninth circuit lifts its day -- it's -- five days. That marriages -- in California and south -- So literally if if the -- circuit decided to act this week Burgess to resume Monday could theoretically as soon as they lift that -- marriages are on. Until -- -- clear -- wedding bells. -- amounts of my question. The court in his decision -- there are. Their telephone and property was because of -- But they didn't go as far as this was not Brown's decision this was a loving decision that and make the wall for the entire nation. What are your thoughts about that. Well first I think that it's really important that we just -- -- today. And this is a huge victory for California -- same sex couples -- for Americans today is -- -- for celebration. Today we should declare victory. And and it has always been and our belief. As a state as a city California has always been my belief -- the attorney general of the state who otherwise could have defended proposition eight the proposition eight was unconstitutional. And for that reason should not be sent. And going forward let's remember that the in the reigning. Legal opinion. The reigning. Law. As found by a judge. On a federal announces about the federal constitution. Is that proposition -- is unconstitutional. Because the law of the land in California. Because of the ruling in the United States Supreme Court. Is there. The law as declared by Judge Vaughn Walker who found after a three week trial -- just from the -- -- things based on some opinion he how to try. Hear testimony. And on the basis -- Of the facts and evidence presented he found propositioning. To be unconstitutional. And I would venture -- It implicit in that is he found the arguments in favor of proposition to be bogus. And without. And one final question for hosting the -- Them -- this -- is about Dilma. This is specifically about taxation as relates to go. It's my understanding that people can go back three years -- file an amended tax return. With the -- a decision today does that mean that dome is unconstitutional as of today. Or has always been unconstitutional and care for people who delivered together domestic partnerships can go back to be here -- refile. Those tax returns as married couples will they have that right. I have not done that announces yet to tell you -- I'm sure this there'll be different opinions on that privacy litigation around at the CI haven't announced this on a specific point yet. I know -- to -- it is celebrate but is there any. The door left open for -- those who. Know how to manipulate things and right things that another prop eight measure or something down the line will pop up when Dana Lewis this is not the -- be way to opposite decision. Yeah I think -- it of course and it's -- to say anything is possible. But I would talk to suggest to you in just referencing back to an earlier question. That. -- -- -- is don't want. That. Nation -- laws and it -- people who. To be treated as equals it -- proposition -- will never get passed in California and certain of and I will. Not. To. The. Vigorously completely. You did mention that you didn't defend prop eight because it is unconstitutional grant park. We GQ and T completed that's about policy and would you do it again with the voter approved measure. -- something they didn't agree on. -- -- -- believe it was -- not defending proposition eight was the right thing to do. And and you -- -- call is that because I think your question really does ask -- of Asia as well -- -- I was elected. -- -- -- -- -- And in that general election there are clear differences between -- opponent and this is one of my opponent said he defend proposition 8%. But not. I was elected. I I don't know when and so it. -- -- Stanford from KPCC. President if you're concerned at all that there is some county -- did not abide by to talk differently and do not it should do. It's licenses and that if that's what you would do. In the it unlikely. I hope -- and that Eddy county. Decided to violate the law. And not. -- -- -- the the injunction. Then it will -- will take legal action. Does they'll be a violation of the law and -- the chief law enforcement officers to stay I'm house that its chief law officer to stay and we have. Done an incredible amount of work outlining. That -- -- the -- lot. Based on legal analysis based on court precedent and and and that is that. And on that point I I can't. Stop talking about this case to -- about recognizing in the absence to individuals who are some of the most hardworking. Career. Public servants who have at great personal sacrifice and great professional responsibility. -- -- the work in California a saint -- courts and that supervising. Deputy AG to mark actor. PD CH TER. And deputy attorney general and how they really deserve recognition for their incredible work. -- So is there do you have any information whatsoever any city county clerk at the at -- the eight counties. -- expressed reluctance to abide by this do you have any information -- I've not received any word this morning that -- one has any reluctance in and in the I would assume that each one of them and fact and now. That the the department of public health has sent a letter. -- an attached my letter to Governor Brown. Instructing them. That wants the state is lifted they are to -- -- marriages. So. They are -- constructed if not actual notice that the law. Is that when the stay is lifted they speak in -- and again I would like to believe and hope. That none of them has any intention to violate the -- You believe that's -- possibility. Here. And struck. Fifty counties based law. Yet well you know I'm a career prosecutor as you -- -- -- believe that the vast majority of people on -- follow bloc and end because it's the right thing to do but also because they and their consequences if they don't. And let her. TD that personally -- with someone -- goal in front of the court and -- happy to or a Rite Aid is sent a letter resist desist your plea -- and. On this -- -- and I believe they'll hear it. And I and I think it's just the right thing to do and I. You know we'll see it's going to be an interesting day I mean we evolve though those -- a source of closer position we've been in these -- and to get there right now. But I think Anthony Allen go out on the streets and spend the day today and an over the course of the weekend I think we're gonna see it. That there are a lot of people have been extremely excited about -- And and and that they want it to happen now and that's -- they're excited because the court has. Finally. That that the -- -- as validate something that is just the right thing to do it. And I think that we have to I'm bill has the celebration -- that something was spoken in court it has to be because. Those words that were spoken in court had impact and -- act. At that on the street level and that means not to celebrating that the court set something. They're recognizing they set something with the intention that we would do something. And doing something means allowing these couples to marry. Content so if the stay is lifted what is the soonest it could instantly. Well -- in -- and you know -- soon as possible I'd like to say I mean you know realistically. I don't know it at it counting -- today. And put up at least a couple of day. But but I'm hoping that it will have to much sooner than funny fact it's. I think it's personal -- If IA it's. The Canton where perhaps it so let me just tell it the way we can design block what we say that we -- is whenever my office takes on a case. What in the name of the people of this -- California. We can't do it based on this person against that person we do -- as the people as -- -- Bryant could undermine any. Are very. Basic notions of justice. It is the point that there's an offense against any one of -- its offense against all of it's it's basic. To of continental announced -- -- And on this issue when you have a group people who are getting didn't just. That's like each one has been sentenced. Acting -- that way we should all feel. Gary. That this isn't a Victor expressed personally for -- for -- large a competitive society. In. -- -- Does that to her she's with us -- quick question. You're now the attorney general rule if you -- the attorney general of the nation's largest state before this but now the largest -- -- wells -- marriage and that's to have other attorney general other officials other state it's all counsel for you to do you offer advice -- are offering advice. Two states where they may have not gotten as far as we are today to help them navigate those cars. Does not plan I am at it we are very collaborative did the attorney general of that -- the state and down and I work very actively with the national association. Attorneys general so the answer is yes the senate -- -- thank you arm. And it is -- boy's attorney general reacting to this morning Supreme Court ruling that in fact. Those proponents of proposition eight had no standing to bring -- the -- to the Supreme Court and so as we've just heard the ruling by the ninth district -- Circuit Court in California will stand that same sex marriages. Will resume at some point. The live stream of bad news conference will continue some of the details -- in fact one of the most important details that the attorney general had illustrated was the timing. Of when some of those same sex marriages may resume. As it stands right now rule of court indicates that 25 days must pass after the ruling -- declared by the Supreme Court. The attorney general is saying though that -- ninth district Circuit Court has the power to lift the stay. That initially in forced the proposition eight ban that banned same sex marriages so essentially the attorney general -- -- As soon as the ninth district courts. Lifts that stay. Marriages same sex marriages can resume and she said -- with a very emotional and very emphatic. And a very joyful way to say that same sex marriages could resume. Almost immediately. And you can see the video this was the scene this morning. Outside the Supreme Court on the steps the two couples the two plaintiff couples. Along side. One of the co counsel that fox. The proposition eight that was brought against them. Banning same sex marriage victorious arms in the air. And so as we heard from the attorney general same sex marriages. Are scheduled to resume were expected to resume. Very shortly and a state of California complete recap on abcnews.com. For non Dan -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19498594,"title":"Kamala Harris Reacts to Supreme Court Decision","duration":"39:26","description":"California's attorney general calls for same-sex marriages to resume \"as soon as possible.\"","url":"/US/video/kamala-harris-reacts-supreme-court-decision-19498594","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}