Killer of Sex Offenders Gets Life in Prison

Patrick Drum, 34, gunned down two sex offenders in Washington state last June.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for Killer of Sex Offenders Gets Life in Prison
He had already pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree premeditated murder so -- 34 year old Patrick from walked into the courtroom today he knew full well what was coming. On June 2 drama and gunned down his house make Gary -- Blanton a sex offender near sequim. And the next day he killed Jerry Wayne -- a child rapists. Outside Port Angeles following a manhunt in the woods -- was taken into custody. There -- those who have been sympathetic to his cause I honestly feel that it was justified but today in court drums sat listening to the told his actions taken on to families and who has knows it -- for them and when he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your -- -- -- divided their daddy. Didn't make it up. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- says her husband is listed as a sex offender because he had consensual sex with a freshman when he was a senior in high school. -- -- -- She says she's been targeted by drums supporters. Just -- my head -- people sitting at my house and -- called me to remember that. Drums spoke briefly and an apologetic. It was never my intent there -- families involved. It's like collateral damage. And his. -- Fans Monday that. -- -- -- -- You show spend. The rest of your natural life in prison without possibility of parole. And I'm Patrick drums way out is there were both curses and encouragement.

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{"id":17274024,"title":"Killer of Sex Offenders Gets Life in Prison","duration":"3:00","description":"Patrick Drum, 34, gunned down two sex offenders in Washington state last June.","url":"/US/video/killer-of-sex-offenders-gets-life-in-prison-17274024","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}