Second L.A. Teacher Charged in Sex Abuse Case

Miramonte Elementary School fires Martin Springer following lewd-acts charges.
1:57 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Second L.A. Teacher Charged in Sex Abuse Case
For the second time in two weeks a teacher at -- to elementary has been charged with committing lewd acts with a child. -- springer of Alhambra was arrested last week today he was hit with three felony counts of fondling a student at the school in south Los Angeles. An earlier this morning the 49 year old lost his job at -- to the board of education in closed session by -- unanimous vote. Moved to dismiss ten employees. One of whom. It's -- springer meanwhile third grade teacher mark Burton remains behind bars accused of 23 counts of lewd acts with students at Miramar -- Prosecutors say he took photos of his students some of whom were blindfolded and gagged in some cases prosecutors say -- spoon -- students his semen. In response to the scandal. District officials are replacing all 128. Staff members at -- to elementary. With new hires the district is currently in the process. Of interviewing candidates to become members of that new faculty. LAUSD spokesman Tom Waldman says the district is hiring new educators mainly teachers who were laid off. Meanwhile the existing staff members will be reassigned. To a new high school that's still under construction it's also considered easier for all there -- in the -- -- community. If the teachers as this investigation is going on are probably in another location. Also today the school board fired -- Miller. A longtime music teacher at Hamilton high school in west LA. Miller has not been charged with a crime but is under investigation by the LAPD -- sexual misconduct with students. Also today Miller and the school district were hit with a lawsuit filed by one of his alleged victims a former student now in his twenties. It included. What many other students talked about them. The -- -- -- the -- saying the showering naked it also included unfortunately fondling his genitals. Robert dean ABC news.

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{"id":15539703,"title":"Second L.A. Teacher Charged in Sex Abuse Case","duration":"1:57","description":"Miramonte Elementary School fires Martin Springer following lewd-acts charges.","url":"/US/video/la-teacher-charged-sex-abuse-case-15539703","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}