Las Vegas Billboard Shocks Drivers

A dark-suited mannequin hanging by a noose led to a series of 911 calls.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Las Vegas Billboard Shocks Drivers
-- shocking sight but look like someone hanging from a noose dangling over -- fifteen. 911 was flooded with calls from drivers who thought this was -- -- Because when I looked at couldn't believe it -- one who with the benefit. The owners of this billboard Lamar Advertising immediately took down the high flying prank calling it vandalism. -- similar billboard was reported at highlands and desert -- scene Haney -- in different message. Which makes you think I mean you don't have to think you are -- that you noted in bars. If you just just look candidacy was -- you know -- in parks and it could be worsening star. Clear Channel Outdoor confirmed -- was one of its billboards near highway 95 and say -- was also vandalized but the sun company was able to take it down early. Some spectators are calling this a political statement others a stunt. I don't know why Yahoo! of the -- that good is you know and I'm sure I'm sure they will one day it's -- -- be a publicity thing. These signs are private property so whoever did this could be facing charges and vandalism and trespassing. A risky way to send a message but it's been heard. Far and wide Michaela -- channel thirteen action news.

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{"id":16966572,"title":"Las Vegas Billboard Shocks Drivers","duration":"3:00","description":"A dark-suited mannequin hanging by a noose led to a series of 911 calls.","url":"/US/video/las-vegas-billboard-shocks-drivers-16966572","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}