Leap Year: Blame Julius Caesar!

Some say the Roman general is responsible for Feb. 29 birthday woes.
2:00 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Leap Year: Blame Julius Caesar!
Today marks the -- -- -- the -- -- if you didn't realize that today is leap day in court and I love this stalemate comes around of course every four years which works and anyone's neighbor who was actually born on this day. -- Livingston KT -- in eastern Texas introduces us to one guy. Who was. You can tell by looking at and then -- -- is among the few who celebrates his birthday every four years. This -- -- he will be turning seven. You know it really doesn't bother me I guess you know -- -- -- That's our seven however you -- -- say that. Mica says growing gap he did have had any other relatives with the same birthday. The -- -- -- stopped them from giving him a hard time about hair. It's and grown up it's. It's from some people want to -- can make -- news -- have to have a good sense of humor. He says some relatives when he get on the birthday present and -- his actual birthday. Every 1461. Day. -- kind of exciting to actually have your birthday your day of celebration. He says he often gets t.'s -- technically being younger than all but one of his nieces and nephews. But he says he feels more like a child than an adult anyway Mike and -- he didn't really know the history every year growing up. And as to -- economy professor doctor Norman mark -- -- he understands that confusion that people feel about the revelation complete year. Most civilizations. Were on a lunar calendar. Based on the phase of the moon. And the year was about 355. Days -- well everybody even in grade school knows that's not the length of the year. So what they would do would be to -- days here in there every now and again try to get the counter to catch up with the seasons. And sometimes they -- whole months. And these can be known as -- years of confusion. The problem was so -- when Julius Caesar instituted a calendar that added -- day every four years. This year Mike says he will be celebrating with a kid themed birthday bash my teenage mutant ninja turtles are Mariana.

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{"id":15816367,"title":"Leap Year: Blame Julius Caesar!","duration":"2:00","description":"Some say the Roman general is responsible for Feb. 29 birthday woes.","url":"/US/video/leap-year-blame-julius-caesar-15816367","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}