Lightning Storm Catches Beach Goers Off-Guard in Los Angeles

Extreme storms strike across the U.S. from California to Massachusetts.
10:22 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Lightning Storm Catches Beach Goers Off-Guard in Los Angeles
This tornado. Ripping through Connecticut -- a summer day. Into chaos and another one leading this trail of destruction in Massachusetts -- -- roofs torn apart debris thrown all over cars. And the lightning storm that caught -- off guard in Los Angeles -- one man dead. -- over when I'm down Cutler in New York the wild summer weather -- high gear as we are heading into the end of July. We have team coverage of the extreme conditions across the nation. And yellow lights start us off in New York Danielle. Again as you're mentioning wild weather sweeping across the US right now most recently this morning in Massachusetts with strong winds. Take a look. The National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down today in Massachusetts. A view from above shows blocks of damage in the city of revered just miles from Boston. Singled stripped from roofs trees toppled and power lines pulled down it's coming right now. This minor tornado caught on camera twisting through central Connecticut with winds of up to 85 miles per hour. -- some believable. This is unbelievable people in central Kentucky now recovering from a powerful storm that barreled through. The area leaving behind injuries damaged homes and power outages -- -- a war -- may. I'm in Vietnam -- and has -- of this. -- I've ever think of in this neighborhood. This was one of more than 250. Reports of severe weather across the country. Images of huge -- in Michigan. And in a little bit of good news out of Massachusetts after that morning tornado we've learned no injuries or deaths reported as of now. For now people have downed power lines and a lot of cleanup to do. For ABC news daily lives in New York. Daniel thank you for that and more extreme weather on the West Coast. A deadly day on a beach that had nothing to do with recurrence -- sharks but lightning storm caught -- off guard. What man was killed by the lightning. Another who survived that strike -- McRae. From our Los Angeles affiliate AB CTV joining us now live -- more Q. Yeah we'll know this is sunny Southern California and it rarely rains out -- let alone. Thunderstorms so. Yesterday's storm really caught everybody off guard and I recently spoke with captain Brian Jordan with the Los Angeles county fire department she told me. And that the first warning they got about this freak storm. With the lightning bolt that struck and did all the damage Killy who we now know is a twenty year old nick by -- -- -- as a swimmer. Out in the ocean at the time of the incidents. And injuring thirteen other people one of -- it remains in critical condition right now surfer already regulate medical center this morning. It is first and lightning we knew here at the beach was the one that unfortunately because of injuries. The Los Angeles county fire department says -- freak storm caught everyone off guard. The deadly lightning bolt struck the water just feet from the beach injuring thirteen people think -- -- -- -- -- Bad things it's still -- bug in this would you -- lifeguards did everything possible to save them including CPR. The forty year old swimmer later died at the hospital. A surfer remains in critical condition at UCLA medical center in Westwood yesterday's storm didn't deter surfers from getting in the water this morning. We asked them if you whether guidelines should be implemented for their safety. There could be like some -- a flag warning or something that that people. -- -- -- I'm not really sure what they do these tools when the weather is -- -- -- -- you just -- people immediately -- and me and me if you even. Think you hear about where people could plunge the fire department says there's only so much they can do to protect swimmers from mother nature. The rules on the beach weather safety or pay attention to weather and make your decisions on what you need to do we can't force people. The public beach so everybody understands. -- the rules and regulations of public property. Q let me ask you at this a bigot because obviously as we're just talking out there -- we heard in your piece that. On the East Coast here we are somewhat familiar with prepared for these kinds of storms but a lot of people were really caught off guard by this because there. Doesn't seem to be a real system of warning in place. No that's completely true you know this is sunny Southern California. It never rains here that's safe to say you know it's the thick enough to have -- a wedding going on the beach at any given time. So when the lightning struck yesterday everybody was caught off guard from the people who were in the water to the lifeguards the people on the boardwalk. People on the boardwalk yards away from the ocean were knocked off their feet. Would be one. Gentlemen that survived Paul that was in the water at Venice -- when he felt that -- yesterday he was released from the hospital. And here's what he had said. I don't really remember a lot you know ice and water. Then -- -- now Eyewitness News. -- -- -- -- -- There. Scott out -- this Saturday at. So is there -- discussions about change in -- kind of regulations are warning systems in -- given that -- economic count. And great question actually asked that question specifically. To captain Brian -- of the Los Angeles county sheriff's fire department and he told me that at this point is that still up in the air but we have to remember that Venice Beach here behind me. Is a public beach -- arms of their hands are really tied it when it comes throughout implementing any rules it's kinda like when they have the red flag warnings up. That means that everybody supposed to get all the water because. There's rough surf out there well there's always surfers and swimmers who decide to ignore that rule altogether so again -- -- only so much the fire department and lifeguards out here to do. When it comes to change lives. Now eight Catalina Island 26 miles off the coast there of Long Beach one man was struck -- on a golf course. He is okay but there were some power outages as well because of the intensity of the storm there what is the situation today. -- as of right now everything has been restored there -- issues of power outages and people losing their Internet service -- all the Internet is back up now so everybody's able to watch our newscasts right. All right give a grade from KB CQ -- thanks so much for your time appreciate that other -- -- -- out -- but clearly a different story. Just 24 hours from now thank you so much. I want to bring in now AccuWeather is Jennifer Carreira -- to talk about this and Jennifer I want to start with the weather on the West Coast today. That powerful lightning storm moving across the nation what -- -- keep in mind. Well we're basically keeping an eye on on a really larger range and you conceived from the four quarters all the way to California. Lots of cloud cover so basically right now what's happening is the monsoonal moisture continues to remain over -- -- area this is the season for the monsoon and usually we see. To spotty showers and thunderstorms very hard to pinpoint. Exactly where these will ignite. But -- -- as moisture has been driven also into parts of Southern California you can note that with -- with the cloud cover there -- now let's just take a look at the radar Los Angeles it looks like nothing just and has been happening just yet at least as of now earlier today there were few showers around. Most of the heavier stuff has remained. Offshore but -- should keep in mind there's enough moisture temperatures are heating up and in combination with that we can have some of these thunderstorms spark up again today and even again maybe tomorrow but again. Very hard to pinpoint exactly where these thunderstorms will occur. Because they tend to be very isolated in nature and -- so you have -- Keep your eyes now in the sky just you keep it tuned to the weather and of course if you hear thunder. You wanna -- indoors you don't wanna go in the water -- Well. -- exactly reconnaissance for safeties can often times prevail. But when the storms pop up so quickly -- -- difficult to kind of prepare for that what are the East Coast though is the East Coast out of the woods as far as any kind of storms. Well along the East Coast we did have that cool front that went through yesterday across the northeast that the front. I is already pushing off into the Atlantic but the tail end of the front. Today impacting the southeast. So we do have again the threat of severe thunderstorms most likely today will be damaging winds up flooding downpours and -- those are the major threats. There's always a risk for an isolated tornados but it's not. As hot as significant as what we had. Boring yesterday. But either way the southeast will see -- thunderstorms late this afternoon into this evening -- -- from southern Mississippi all the way into eastern North Carolina. And then behind this -- we've also been talking about. Those cooler temperatures were feeling it right now. Only 67 degrees in Chicago and that's heading on east and into the northeast us -- of the northeast we're still dealing with some. Light to moderate rainfall across a new York and up into northern New England. And here's that center of the low so that's going to kick off towards north and east but the main story now is just some leftover showers and thunderstorms and the cooler air mass. Of course in the jetstream will be moving further to this -- this is unusual for the month of July and then we're talking about. Five to fifteen degrees below the normal for at the northeast here's a look at tomorrow's highs only this seventies when we should be. In the eighties so and we will feel it tonight and tomorrow. All right well of course we all can use a little bit of a break from mother nature just for a bit from that passed as we've had. AccuWeather is Jennifer -- read Jennifer thanks so much appreciate your time. And of course you can keep up at the store in real time by downloading ABC news start historic Fort -- updates on the go. For now down -- anymore.

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{"id":24746869,"title":"Lightning Storm Catches Beach Goers Off-Guard in Los Angeles","duration":"10:22","description":"Extreme storms strike across the U.S. from California to Massachusetts.","url":"/US/video/lightning-storm-catches-beach-goers-off-guard-los-24746869","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}