Los Angeles area braces for heavy rain

ABC News' Olivia Smith is at the Los Angeles River as the city prepares for what could be some of the wildest weather of the season.
5:01 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Los Angeles area braces for heavy rain
I'm looking at eighty union where you're at about being let rip Eric and all of them looks nice in any right now. That might even at meetings for this weekend in Southern California expected to get a pre EB store. Intense rainfall is expected to gaining the most of Southern California from Friday T Saturday. They'll be just if you look at look at here again that is the Los Angeles river rate there. And there is not a lot it hit four of Los Angeles considering. California has been in at Stratford. Time now. Been getting a lot every year now this weekend flash flood watches are posted for Friday morning into Saturday. For much of Southern California and in Diego teens in a bar rationing hot heat your ears Southern California area. That high wind warnings are in fact if he Diego and now but California. Think that's expected to pop we reached up to miles per hour. By Friday morning though either all the weather report that eat the hearing come what coming Kirk. California in the next to a penny candy is very penny today that whether it's. Pretty good shape looking into that than it little hearts and feet but it again and people. Experts are saying let accidents are things that the pretty big storm coming to California now I'm going to break down the timeline for it. Starting around seven K and heavy rain didn't get it began hitting in an area and in a bar cracked that's expected. And then by afternoon the heavy rain and strong clean. Expected to continue from camp and the go all the way downtown Los Angeles down here Southern California that it beats me. Of those of this day's. Now rainfall rates could reach wind changed her out where north of Los Angeles teens in about the now Los Angeles where we are now. It in between the entire brick and means Diego. North and out. So there are those wandered could stand watching for flash floods and mud slide by Friday afternoon and those rainfall rates. Could reach wind changed her Howard north of Los Angeles in over and their flash flood warning. And Bud Light morning by Friday after me now those warnings cooling and heat power outage is. Downed tree can travel delays still officials. Our heat heat for cops and they are warning residents in California be careful Burt. Again street power outage is and travel smoothly at eat heavy rains in California. Again it's Thursday here and I think we're at the Los Angeles river. Came to this is the weather report for the economy. The late tomorrow night I Friday evening at the heaviest rain expected and rain stretches from Los Angeles to see in Diego. Again flash floods and strong winds tubing Venus threat in the southwest. California region through the night into Saturday morning this is what we're hearing from the weather experts flash led. Warnings and strong winds remain a threat against the Southern California than any. And into Saturday morning. Now here's similar coming out strong and damaging wind gusts are concerned about the date Friday with multiple blinked alerts across this day. Where casters say that between gas Friday afternoon California reached up to more than fifty miles per hour along heart. The coast of California. You're California red and it seemed like this storm headed back to you pretty much. Along it up front that they'll all the weekend in each village and moves that eight. That this is the weather report. Then again we're not the Los Angeles river I want to bring up a little bit. Mort is the water in there. Now on it might have been on Sunday with the recent rain but there isn't clutter in there and again. This happening in theory rainy evening in for California. Reds and means it. Aetna's people know that route here in California. With very threatening in the past few years. Come with many different things he needed more rain mean he did this whether. Still it. Mid February now and it doesn't seem like that he is stopping any kind it eats but the report. Our current acts. California will be getting a lot more rain in the next day and it's just Thursday afternoon in now but by Friday morning. Those brains are. Threatening a queens and power outages and downed tree so speaking going back that's northern California. I'm north or at they'll stand they'll play this. Content that was that was people were keeping an eye on is threatening to overflow and flood this they eat. But officials have they it under control now in the even with more rain this weekend. The you have entered control that they want at went to be on alert that activation. So that if the weather forecast for California. I am oblivious that the news so much for watching.

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{"id":45548231,"title":"Los Angeles area braces for heavy rain","duration":"5:01","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith is at the Los Angeles River as the city prepares for what could be some of the wildest weather of the season.","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-area-braces-heavy-rain-45548231","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}