Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Held on Murder Charges

Francisco Gamez, 41, was arrested connection with a homicide in the Sylmar section of Los Angeles.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Held on Murder Charges
The father of Armando could see its adds to the memorial in his front yard. It's been six months since his 38 year old son was gunned down and now police have made a shocking arrest. In LA county sheriff's deputy in custody charged with murder. For somebody from -- -- -- the supposed to protect the community to do something like this are breaking. Because -- you lose a little bit of trust. We're supposed to trust them and you know this was more -- community in. You know assist comes shocking news to our family. The deputy worked -- the West Hollywood station he's been identified as 41 year old Francisco gamma as a seventeen year veteran with the department. Los Angeles Police say while off duty got into an argument was -- -- on Father's Day. And then shot him I'm not sure how much they knew each other I'm not sure -- each other well I'd you know there was some type a dispute between the two of them. Genesis family lives just up the block from where the shooting happened this woman would not talk to us. And no one inside would answer the door neighbors say -- as himself is -- lived here for several years. His arrest has shaken the sheriff's department it's just. Pall over the work. That the scores of deputy sheriffs do every day. And -- the sheriff is deeply concerned about this. While on duty and during his seventeen years of service deputies say -- -- a solid work record. Nothing to indicate he'd be capable of murdering someone.

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{"id":17732462,"title":"Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Held on Murder Charges","duration":"3:00","description":"Francisco Gamez, 41, was arrested connection with a homicide in the Sylmar section of Los Angeles.","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-sheriffs-deputy-held-murder-charges-17732462","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}