Mama Bear Ferociously Protects Her Cubs

Mother defends her brood from a male bear in Alaska's Katmai National Park.
0:57 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Mama Bear Ferociously Protects Her Cubs
Don't get between a mama bear undercuts is a lesson that a male -- learned the hard -- a -- and Connor. And cot meet national park in Alaska now take a look you -- the mama bear and her cubs three of them pawing around -- small fall. -- -- -- crowd down the bottom but almost everywhere -- -- their business annually for some fish in fact they -- about ninety pounds of fish every day. What also -- the cavs get caught in the current they are then sent over the -- their mom though right behind in. Gives a male -- inching toward them are real mouthful she might have been worried. That he was going in for the kill male bears will actually eat their hugs to get the mother's back in heat. Not today not this time the mom collects her -- third -- -- arrest and they go back on -- Mary way you can see more of the bears in their natural setting. -- -- work.

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{"id":19693828,"title":"Mama Bear Ferociously Protects Her Cubs","duration":"0:57","description":"Mother defends her brood from a male bear in Alaska's Katmai National Park.","url":"/US/video/mama-bear-ferociously-protects-cubs-19693828","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}