Man Captures Gator in Ore. Pond

"Reptile Man" Rich Ritchey says he jumped into a pond and pulled the gator out.
3:00 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Man Captures Gator in Ore. Pond
The rich rich. -- network equipment and a half foot when He comes out here in the field I think He. Saying it's the same one we've been tracking for the last few dates. Communities sleep Saturday night like you think about was I need to go catches alligator felt bad for cold weather well. So rich tells us He went out the -- alone watch the -- -- submerged in the water and I can tell you did pestered. -- He was pretty upset then He waited and 1520 minutes later popped up right in front of me and I grabbed him. It tastes pretty strong animal He was -- his admiral trying to bite. Are you nervous -- all know I've handled alligators and crocodiles. Tens of thousands of times. Ridge says He has more than thirty years experience with the creatures and only the more than 100 reptiles and cold -- part of this panel to review an educational program. Animal control now says they're looking into whether there were any violations in the capture of this Gator but rich says -- the permit. To keep up with an open pond there's no fans it although. They're illegal in the state. And also involvement county I have permits for that. We found a letter from the Department of Agriculture posted on his web site it is not dated but He does say He has permission for educational purposes. First lesson here He says that animal -- plan for -- with the chicken in a trap would never work. One would be transferred animal to a new area. They stress that -- enemies of that they'll sit down for a year. It also in the wintertime they can't digest food is too cold. So compare the video what do you thing.

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{"id":14805312,"title":"Man Captures Gator in Ore. Pond","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Reptile Man\" Rich Ritchey says he jumped into a pond and pulled the gator out.","url":"/US/video/man-captures-alligator-oregon-pond-14805312","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}