Man Dies in Amish Buggy Crash

The accident adds to the controversy surrounding caution signs on Amish buggies.
1:28 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Man Dies in Amish Buggy Crash
It happened the same day four Amish -- in court for refusing to place caution emblems on their bodies because they say it's against their religion. Here finally was -- yesterday afternoon on -- wrote in Martin County that his horse drawn buggy was under -- and nine former plaster on it. And their citizens they need to have the facts. But -- and if they -- donate about an hour. I'm going to expand -- -- -- Police are saying if he was a factor and then -- There. -- And Romney. You read -- that oh lead vehicle if operated just -- diligent. -- -- form. -- thirteen broad background here. Thank you could -- More than a few hundred -- I think that we need to be aware that I'm going to Wear that -- hat for Kinney. -- -- -- -- Launch and says the Amish have a right to be on the roads -- -- to everyone else to slow down we know -- behavior -- what they have. I would take doubt throw. It right. -- -- is still investigating the accident how -- folks in the community say this isn't the first accident they've seen. And unfortunately they don't believe it will be the last in Hart county -- Willis WP KL.

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{"id":14989202,"title":"Man Dies in Amish Buggy Crash","duration":"1:28","description":"The accident adds to the controversy surrounding caution signs on Amish buggies.","url":"/US/video/man-dies-amish-buggy-crash-14989202","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}