Man Puts 'Sex Offender Residence' Sign on Front Yard

Jeffrey Mitchell claims he's innocent and is trying to explain that to his Florida neighbors.
1:42 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Puts 'Sex Offender Residence' Sign on Front Yard
This much to see is you drive down this quiet road near -- Apache bay a lot of the house has -- set way back from the street. But now others a new landmark when this generating quite a bit of conversation. Sex offender residents will be for life. That's the sign in Jeffrey Mitchell's front yard. You want to know what to sex offense was. -- for some -- six my seven year old grandson. Pled no contest to one count involving child pornography on his computer. He says the state couldn't prove how it got there but after two years and a 120000. Dollars fighting the charge the pressure led him to take the plea. It's it's horrible. I AM not a sexual offender. But the state has taken a different view on it. Write a letter to his neighbors detailing the charge and his explanation. I thought it it was written from the heart very well written it was one of those things that woods. If it everything he says is correct it was wholly innocent. It was one of those things it was on his computer you know it. This says he put the sign in his yard to start a conversation with its neighbors and with the community about what people as soon when they hear the word sex offender. It's still hard to accept that designation especially since less risked your life. I mean that even a murder. -- -- -- -- For the rest of his five. The conditions -- Jeffrey Mitchell's plea bargain include not being -- drive anywhere in a car alone and no access to the Internet whatsoever. In Miramar beach -- -- C channel three news.

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{"id":17893092,"title":"Man Puts 'Sex Offender Residence' Sign on Front Yard","duration":"1:42","description":"Jeffrey Mitchell claims he's innocent and is trying to explain that to his Florida neighbors.","url":"/US/video/man-puts-sex-offender-residence-sign-front-yard-17893092","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}