Man Shot in Carjacking, Stuffed in Trunk

A 24-year-old Chicago man was hospitalized in critical condition after escape.
1:13 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Man Shot in Carjacking, Stuffed in Trunk
The carjacking Begin here at around 930 last night -- 25 and Polanski in the hills a neighborhood. Chicago police say -- 24 year old man was shot at least three times by masked men and don't into the trunk of his own car. He managed to escape several blocks later. I won't hear everyday and I'm here so. Imus -- the violence has area residents concerned about their own safety like Pablo Moreira who sells coffee near that corner. So nobody knows this. That related area. This is already dangerous and just to hear those kind of staff is to get similar Larry of. Police say without his attackers knowing the victim was able to his speech from the trunk. Near Worthington and -- he was taken to mount Sinai hospital in critical condition. That's a tragedy and and I understand -- -- -- and consider -- flight to understand you know people nowadays they're hurting for money back to hurt somebody. At -- Authorities were able to find the victim's car on fire in a garage -- the 4100 block of west Harrison street. Just -- of the Eisenhower expressway.

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{"id":15281423,"title":"Man Shot in Carjacking, Stuffed in Trunk","duration":"1:13","description":"A 24-year-old Chicago man was hospitalized in critical condition after escape.","url":"/US/video/man-shot-carjacking-stuffed-trunk-15281423","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}