Maryland Cops: Shooting Plan Thwarted

Suspect is under arrest for allegedly making threats against an employer and co-workers.
8:40 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Maryland Cops: Shooting Plan Thwarted
We are here this afternoon to announce he thwarted terror threat. This is a joint effort between the prince George's county police department the and a Randall county police department and the eight Kia. We're going to begin with prince George's -- police chief mark McGraw. Good afternoon. First -- thank chief -- for being here from Enron accounting and his staff and the staff from ATF and for their help in this. On this case. While want to do is lay out a broad umbrella of what happened over the last 36 hours. No -- bring up different majors different commanders to kind of piece it together for -- But initially on Wednesday the -- fifth. This agency received a call and patrol officers responded out to nine before her 9140 East Hampton park boulevard. Two Pitney Bowes is the business federal contractor. It was relate to patrol losses at that time that an individual who's in the process of being fired. Was involved in two separate conversations. With a supervisor. Both of those times on both those. Telephone conversations. He made some significant threats. -- coming back and -- of people at the at the business. Effective settlement Obama Joker. In -- -- -- my guns and blow everyone out. That initiated a 36 hour investigation. That culminated early this morning. Yesterday afternoon the district court judge. Issued a court order for this individual. For a mental evaluation. And a search warrant for his address. In light of what happened a week ago the -- Colorado. It's important to know the community you know that we take all threats -- -- If you gonna make a threat we will take action. Well like to do now is bring -- majors the whiskey the kind of walk through the -- but the progression of the last 636 hours and now we'll go from there. Good afternoon. The chief has authority. Explained the means by which this call initially came to our attention. Oh win. The urgency of that matter was communicated up the chain of command it went to captain Raphael grant and major George -- of our district three. They did initial very good work with their investigative component to begin this investigation. They -- -- reached out to my bureau the bureau of forensic science and intelligence. And captain mark Alexander. And our team then joined their efforts we assess the situation in the seriousness of it. And we immediately concluded that it went beyond the -- -- -- county and perhaps. It became a federal issue because of the nature of the business that was threatened. We subsequently reached out to major -- Bergen -- -- county police department and began coordinating this effort. As the chief said the threats were made multiple times. On separate phone calls. And it was acknowledged by this individual. That they didn't think it was a good idea to be saying these things they were saying -- many -- -- As that piece came together. The investigation moved to the residents being a center for insurers -- And -- -- was instrumental in helping us to build this case because. During a field interview with their officers the individual was wearing a T shirt that said guns don't kill people. I do. So the multiple threats the nature of the threats. And that action together led us to a place where we could get an emergency petition again. The message here is that if you call your business if you call a loved one if you call anybody -- threatened to do harm. Kill people we're going to believe you and we did. At that point the petition was obtained search for -- was obtained and then and -- and our officers both intelligence officers and detectives again coordinated. And we served the emerged fish on individual and the search for and disappointment turned over -- major Bergen who's gonna talk about. How and -- did that operational piece of it as we handed it off. Pittsburgh. Good afternoon my -- major Edward Bergen with the general accounting police department. Yesterday when. The colonel called us and we collaborated on operation plan for this. Individual this very complex is involved a lot of lot of planning and -- quick response team was gather which would be our swat team. Along with our conflict negotiation team. We began the planning with in the early evening hours. And we executed the search warrant an entry into the residents. In the 16100 block of Park -- circle and croft the Maryland at approximately. 3 warning in the morning. It went down without incident. The individual surrender to us we took come based on the petition. For medical treatment to the Enron accounting medical center. And as last -- he was there. -- in his treatment today. It was without interest. It like -- it was without an instant. Once we -- the residents however we did discover a large -- of weapons and ammunition. At that point ATF was on the scene with us along with members of the prince George's county police department. And we turn that investigation also have to ATF. And like to bring them in right now so they can discuss what was taken at the residence. Thank -- I'm Sean -- an -- equity TF in Baltimore -- division. We were contacted last night in pursuant to this event. -- there are so -- recover from his residence of one of a local office offices responded immediately. We have several agents out there were on the scene they evaluated the evidence they recovered approximately five firearms several thousand rounds of ammunition. The farms -- -- described as semi automatic rifles. Semiautomatic pistols. Come. Our partners here in and a -- and restores county. We're doing this -- -- -- jointly. Violent crime suppression is our primary focus is ATF. And we were called we merely responded and and work with our partners. Reviewing the evidence right now we're looking at all possible charges whether state -- federal. And that information he's slowly come to us so right now negotiations ongoing. And as we get more information we'll pass that along. This point current. I just won't take a moment to thank my future. And a -- of Elizabeth Dole. Without patrol and and I'm -- working together. And in panel -- and the ATF we Clinton of accomplish this it literally was a multi jurisdictional effort. And it was pulled together over the course point four hours. And I believe to a very successful resolution. In addition to what the a -- from ATF has said there are additional charges and review and our State's attorney's office. And with that I'm -- turn over to chief of the ought to somehow. Good afternoon. Utility Enron -- police department went to specifically thank chief more gall and prince George's county police department. The ATF special agent in charge Benedict back cooperation. All the way down from the officer receiving new information -- the tenacity of the detective bringing forth -- ability to be able service short warrant. And share that information with Enron accounting. I believe ordered some serious violence the could've happened and certainly potentially save lives and sort thank you so much for your. All hard work and -- your police department's cooperation with Enron account or per share it. One issues you can't we can't measure what was prevented here. But what was going on over last 36 hours. It was a significant incidents in the counting and we think. A violent episode was. Was avoided because of cooperation and collaboration. Of our police department Enron accounting. And our federal partners they --

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{"id":16871029,"title":"Maryland Cops: Shooting Plan Thwarted","duration":"8:40","description":"Suspect is under arrest for allegedly making threats against an employer and co-workers.","url":"/US/video/maryland-cops-shooting-plan-thwarted-16871029","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}