Maserati Stolen Off Lot in Broad Daylight: Caught on Tape

Security cameras were rolling when a thief made off with a $75,000 car.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maserati Stolen Off Lot in Broad Daylight: Caught on Tape
You're watching a crime in progress of bold thief stealing a -- variety in broad daylight it almost driving over a -- person in the process. It happened at the mortar village -- dealership in downtown Los Angeles the lot's manager wants -- -- behind bars. Thank goodness he didn't headed by devising. There's a walkway in front thank goodness there was no customers -- these surveillance cameras captured the heist as it went down to dealer says -- -- Played the perfect customer had a believable steel to boot the -- presented himself as small business owner up the streets. His wife was gonna come down about a -- this was after you've done a walk around looked in the trunk is on the video he really is playing the buyer. That he never asked for a test drive which would require driver's license instead he asked to hear the engine -- and was given the keys -- This data has remained changeup since the theft last month but at the top it was wide open. And the -- -- Was parked right here where this -- is now according to the dealer the -- -- -- -- Made a left here and headed -- -- -- -- -- toward the staple center I think it certainly brazen dep started to do that the Los Angeles county sheriff's office tasks force for regional auto theft prevention is -- the case do you think this was an inside job. I don't know I -- out -- -- -- our associates this individual's growth the suspect is a Caucasian man with a shaved head. 55 in approximately a 150 pounds.

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{"id":17031177,"title":"Maserati Stolen Off Lot in Broad Daylight: Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"Security cameras were rolling when a thief made off with a $75,000 car.","url":"/US/video/maserati-stolen-off-lot-broad-daylight-caught-tape-17031177","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}