Miami Mom, Daughters Found Dead in Closet

Bodies of the mother and her young children were found by a neighbor.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Miami Mom, Daughters Found Dead in Closet
We just saw them like about two days of school welcomed by -- side. Christopher -- never imagined two days later his neighbors -- mom and her four and eight year old daughters would be god. Let alone murder. They were nice people over. It is troubles -- is -- is now because we wouldn't expect anything that happens it is. Miami Dade police showed up at the home located on 7300 block of north west fourth street Tuesday afternoon after a family friend with a key. Went into the house and detected a strong odor assistance in the -- they followed her. She then -- the house were inside the bedroom where he found. A mother and two daughters. Dead inside -- closet by Tuesday evening detectives couldn't say how long the three had been dead it was a sign of gunshot wounds or any other. Blunt force trauma and are investigating this as a murder. However the cause and manner of death we have released yet. -- this woman too -- to show her face on camera. Told -- she had plans to spend time with the -- on Friday who like most any mother cherished her children not only her two daughters. The kids though -- had. Fault for anything that you know my dogs as we do. The now deceased woman's six year old son. We have them the boy located -- state has not been -- Unfortunately we have his two sisters and their mother that have been murdered -- -- possible and.

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{"id":17716142,"title":"Miami Mom, Daughters Found Dead in Closet","duration":"3:00","description":"Bodies of the mother and her young children were found by a neighbor.","url":"/US/video/miami-mom-daughters-found-dead-closet-17716142","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}