Michael Brown Autopsy Results May Offer Insight Into Shooting

Ferguson authorities work to ease tensions in the wake of the deadly shooting.
1:38 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Michael Brown Autopsy Results May Offer Insight Into Shooting
It's been hours since the confrontation with the police and demonstrators. And you can still feel the tear gas in the air it's got -- coughing just a little bit I was sneezing a little earlier. I want to set the scene for you the protesters were coming from. Over there in that direction that's the direction of the quick trip that's at the center of all of this they were marching down the street. Towards the police command senator. Which is right here behind me. And the police were getting nervous we're hearing that there were reports. Of the sound of gunfire and that's when police in their right -- came out and threw tear gas canisters the crowd dispersed. There were many people complaining that all they were doing was approaching police peacefully with their hands up saying don't shoot. Which has now become the symbol. Of this movement now. This morning we're expecting to hear from the attorney for the family and the family. We're getting the autopsy results from their medical examiner that shows that Michael Brown was shot several times including. Once or twice in the head and and suffered gunshot wounds that according to the medical examiner and appears that he either. Charged ahead or was possibly surrendering to that police officer officer Wilson. Is in a secure place today. He's been kept away from this area and from his home because of fears for his safety. I'm Steve -- subsonic Ferguson Missouri.

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{"id":25020377,"title":"Michael Brown Autopsy Results May Offer Insight Into Shooting","duration":"1:38","description":"Ferguson authorities work to ease tensions in the wake of the deadly shooting.","url":"/US/video/michael-brown-autopsy-results-offer-insight-shooting-25020377","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}