Michelle Parker: New Video Emerges

Florida mom is seen going through a drive-through before she went missing.
1:04 | 01/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Parker: New Video Emerges
It's grainy security video recorded far away but that's Michelle Parker there -- into the drive through window at a KFC and castle -- The two and a half minute video was taken on November 17 some three hours before she dropped off for children with their father and prime suspect dale Smith the second. Well as missing her already has just. Confirms it that much more -- Or police the tape doesn't show much you can -- the shirt she was wearing when she disappeared and she's driving a Hummer with the -- decals on the side. But that's information investigators already had and so they waited to release this tape and -- -- -- evidentiary value everything that's -- his videos what's already been put out for Parker's family it's just good to security and even if it's like this we had a goal is to be with us and she's not but it's now been 64 days since Parker was last seen investigators -- cellphone. But aren't saying much about what's audit and Smith is only a prime suspect because he was one of the last to see her but what happened and -- Michelle could be. Remains just as much a mystery as the day she disappeared. If you don't have a ray of hope. And then you you lose faith and we know analysts say.

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{"id":15410524,"title":"Michelle Parker: New Video Emerges","duration":"1:04","description":"Florida mom is seen going through a drive-through before she went missing.","url":"/US/video/michelle-parker-video-emerges-15410524","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}