'Millionaire Madam' Appears in NYC Court

Mother of four, Anna Gristina, has been accused of running a prostitution ring.
1:26 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Millionaire Madam' Appears in NYC Court
A court date today for a woman dubbed -- the millionaire madam the 44 year old mom charged with heading up a brothel on the upper east side. Even bragging that she wouldn't get caught. Eyewitness News reporter Martha Gonzales live outside federal court in lower Manhattan with more Marcy. -- -- she was brought into court today her hands cuffed behind her back hoping the judge would lower her bail which now stands at two million dollars. But the judge denied that request saying it appears she is too much of a flight risk. -- a Pristina a mother of four who lives in Orange New York is accused of running a brothel out of an apartment on east 78 street. Bringing in millions of dollars by soliciting prostitutes some of them under age two -- slew of powerful men. During a five year long investigation prosecutors say that nearly 100 hours of audio and video surveillance was -- In which Christina reportedly said she had law enforcement connections who would inform -- if she was under investigation. And that she planned to flee the country if investigators ever caught on to her business. In court today prosecutors say she did in fact -- to Montreal several years ago when she thought she might fall under investigation. And that she has money quote squirreled away to she could lead the country again her attorney -- she would do no such thing and since this is her first arrest. And since she only faces one charge of promoting prostitution. She should be allowed to return home wearing an ankle monitor again not request was denied.

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{"id":15858209,"title":"'Millionaire Madam' Appears in NYC Court","duration":"1:26","description":"Mother of four, Anna Gristina, has been accused of running a prostitution ring.","url":"/US/video/millionaire-madam-anna-gristina-appears-in-nyc-court-15858209","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}