Mingling for a Roommate

"Speed roommating" events let people meet potential roommates face to face.
1:43 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Mingling for a Roommate
Anything that you have any look like four friends chatting media later tonight they're strangers talking business the question can eat roomed together. Yeah. If you want. This is even meeting hosted by Experian dot com sign up online for free piling -- start chatting we're looking in this area. Definite possibility -- -- grads -- an ice cream. Chris killing Danielle need a third roommate Alina either room. Line of people with mutual interest and let the deal get done just like speed dating. Spherion dot -- director Matt Hutchinson Steve remaining events took off in the UK. We have people set up from Australia off the fly to Heathrow straights the united seekers and part time opponent -- -- -- -- -- -- The first stop some people. And people of all different backgrounds and Egypt's sign of the times people just can't afford to live the way they used to I find myself in this thing this and the money's not like it was -- so exorbitant now let me just depressed -- feeds -- today's music. Here he talked expenses and rents and -- your instincts and their job that's the -- bottom audit -- on cases you know and on to you actually you know. Sort of a meeting but here you -- Meeting went to -- -- you get to pick and choose the right and if you don't like the person you know you know right away so do crystal Indian yelled. What do you think -- -- -- Some might I'm excited I. Who have never been able to meet -- -- -- like we've tried Craigslist he tried everything one round of speed meeting later. Like six and -- -- On the west side Jamie Roth channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15397157,"title":"Mingling for a Roommate","duration":"1:43","description":"\"Speed roommating\" events let people meet potential roommates face to face.","url":"/US/video/mingling-roommate-15397157","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}