Minnesota Couple Missing From Cruise Ship

Gerald Heil, 69, and his wife Barbara, 70, were on the capsized Italian ship.
1:21 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for Minnesota Couple Missing From Cruise Ship
Fellow church members and friends are his -- club constitute the night before they -- for what was to be a magical vacation. But we just happen to be at the olive garden having dinner and they came in and vacant seated right next to -- -- they said they were going for around. The crews they were leaving the next morning and we're very happy ending -- to -- News that they are friends -- and Jerry were onboard when this happened is still unreal to that. Its -- in the headlines this morning -- barely coupled well. -- -- So now they play following the faithful example set by their dear friends. I'm very you know very -- -- an individual to both family friends church. Community if I had to even imagine. What it would be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would -- -- -- for now the search for survivors is at a standstill after rough seas shifted to capsized ship. The company is blaming Iraq on -- -- -- saying he made an unauthorized and unapproved new off court. The -- family released a statement this morning. Saying they are confident quote everything is being done to find her parents whatever happened you know that's for somebody else to pick her up. Our jobs -- to -- -- per.

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{"id":15372680,"title":"Minnesota Couple Missing From Cruise Ship","duration":"1:21","description":"Gerald Heil, 69, and his wife Barbara, 70, were on the capsized Italian ship.","url":"/US/video/minnesota-couple-missing-capsized-cruise-ship-15372680","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}