Miramonte Teacher Posts Bail

Mark Berndt Teacher at the center of the Miramonte abuse scandal out on bail.
1:41 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Miramonte Teacher Posts Bail
There was no sign of -- springer outside of his home -- -- today even though the former second grade teacher has been released from county jail. -- 49 -- posted a 300000 dollar bond was outfitted with an ankle bracelet and then released early this morning. Springer is one of two teachers at Miramar to elementary school arrested last week. And charged with lewd acts. Springer is accused of -- a student while former third grade teacher mark -- Is accused of taking hundreds of lewd photographs with his students and in some cases. Feeding -- his semen. Today the district confirmed that Burton was paid 40000 dollars in a settlement. When the district tried to fire him -- -- -- Great Britain directing that state law is a problem LA UST superintendent John Casey says the district -- to firebird. When investigators discovered the photographs last year. But because of current state law -- was able to appeal his termination and allowed to resign he was thereby able to maintain his pension. In addition the district have to pay his legal bills and back pay. I told -- a dozen times at -- it were otherwise I think it should be otherwise. But lets you know we all solvable until something else changes and so we've got -- want the president of the payroll you settle. Meanwhile at -- -- elementary the district replaced the entire staff with new employees. The teachers union says it's unfair to remove the existing teachers permanently. But -- says the teachers will be allowed to return once the internal and criminal investigation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Couldn't. Could it could Robert dean ABC news.

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{"id":15562585,"title":"Miramonte Teacher Posts Bail ","duration":"1:41","description":"Mark Berndt Teacher at the center of the Miramonte abuse scandal out on bail.","url":"/US/video/miramonte-teacher-posts-bail-15562585","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}