Missing California Teen: Few Clues in Search

Sierra LaMar's father is a registered sex offender but not a suspect.
1:43 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Missing California Teen: Few Clues in Search
This morning are -- -- more return to the intersection where her daughter was supposed to catch the school bus on Friday but didn't somebody might have seen something that normally drive Thomas road around that time period. And that. -- -- That is they might have seen something out of the ordinary. Santa Clara county sheriff's detectives are asking similar questions going door to door re interviewing neighbors like I -- you guys. Fifteen year old Sierra Lamar disappeared without a Trace and there are few clues. Her cell phone was found less than a mile from her home in the opposite direction from her school. I don't see -- every day and I didn't notice I'm -- I wouldn't. I wouldn't pay attention and though she's not there they tasted good twist late last night when dearest father Steve -- told ABC news following this interview. He is a registered sex offender he says he is innocent of the crime in only plead guilty in 2007. Because of bad legal advice authorities say mr. Lamar is not a suspect and family and close friends are frustrated by extraction. He had a suspect team last Saturday he wants her to come home. -- let's just focus and Sierra and you know just keep that on our attention where it should be and bringing home flyers are posted at virtually every business in downtown. A candlelight vigil tonight is one more sign the community it's come together and Sierra -- -- safe return. It's just heartbreaking and I hope that you know her family knows that we are all praying for them that even though we don't know them and that you know she wasn't our daughter sister -- friend. That you know she's in our hearts and we just hope that there is a positive resolution to all of this.

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{"id":15971164,"title":"Missing California Teen: Few Clues in Search","duration":"1:43","description":"Sierra LaMar's father is a registered sex offender but not a suspect. ","url":"/US/video/missing-california-teen-clues-search-15971164","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}