Missing Woman's Remains ID'd, Family Not Told

Tracy Melton's family was not notified when her bones were discovered in 2002.
1:26 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Missing Woman's Remains ID'd, Family Not Told
It is a gruesome visits but a necessary one for the family of Traci -- This area of the adults north of highway four is where bone fragment. Discovered by a road crew in 2002. Finally identified last year as being the remains of Melton. Her family wasn't told until this week. I'm very hurt over it because. If this right here it means it seemed like in 2002. They didn't do anything but find the -- -- her remains. They didn't holidays beginning -- and is now. Tracy's siblings and her own children. Now adjusting to the news they never hope to hear it now is had to hope that -- -- out there somewhere else just left town because it was just too ugly and stop this -- -- But -- made a better life or else you know -- it's not what happened. Now with remains positively identified relatives can't help but think she's yet another murder victim of west Sherman time and Lauren hers -- Melt knew the -- that would eventually be convicted of several killings to of their other victims were shot to death not far from this box. Melton disappeared just months before Cindy Vander Heiden also went missing. German -- hers -- were found guilty in that death. -- I heard their names come -- So when this first when they first got -- -- -- name came up at that point I sit right and -- there it is.

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{"id":15476066,"title":"Missing Woman's Remains ID'd, Family Not Told","duration":"1:26","description":"Tracy Melton's family was not notified when her bones were discovered in 2002.","url":"/US/video/missing-womans-remains-idd-family-told-15476066","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}