Mitt Romney to Tour Hurricane Isaac Damage

Presidential candidate will join Gov. Bobby Jindal for tour of hard-hit areas in Louisiana.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney to Tour Hurricane Isaac Damage
-- moving into the nation's midsection today but is leaving behind mess in Louisiana. From the air you can see the devastation. Entire neighborhoods under water flood water still rising hundreds of miles of -- soggy mess. We've never -- this -- these are the faces of desperation. Young and old many stranded needing to be rescued -- -- Tell me about it. At least four people were killed by -- Isaac. Three in Louisiana and one in Mississippi. This woman waded through the destruction in search of a father. Creating your dignity. Would you say yeah. Yeah -- An athletic -- hundreds of thousands today are still without power. With -- 50000 utility workers are on the case in Louisiana Mississippi and Arkansas. Oh yeah he's fed up and running pretty quick you know. -- four gulf states remain under flash flood warning they could see an additional three inches of rain. Later today Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will join Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal -- hard hit areas outside New Orleans. After causing so much devastation here in the gulf -- now has a chance to do some good bringing much needed rain to drought stricken parts of the midwest. Come -- Bradley ABC news new Portland.

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{"id":17127330,"title":"Mitt Romney to Tour Hurricane Isaac Damage","duration":"3:00","description":"Presidential candidate will join Gov. Bobby Jindal for tour of hard-hit areas in Louisiana.","url":"/US/video/mitt-romney-to-tour-hurricane-isaac-damage-17127330","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}