Chef Bun Lai's Signature Kanibaba Crab Roll

Miya's Sushi presents cooking with invasive species.
2:24 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Chef Bun Lai's Signature Kanibaba Crab Roll
I'm an online on the -- at me as sushi here in New Haven, Connecticut. Musicians started thirty years ago by my mother today that restaurant is evolved into something where if we don't know where -- officials from. Where where that is farmed or how it's been -- we won't use it at all. Nine out of ten ingredients that can get a traditional Japanese restaurant we won't use. So basically what I try to do is rethink what it was in sushi can be if it's de cuisine that's -- -- the plan. One of my favorite things to do this could within days of species invasive species. Are a type of organism. That does not belong in a native habitat. This is an Asian -- -- People are often like come and kill these baby -- and -- baby crabs they're fully ground are problematic species they exist all the way from New Jersey. Two -- today. -- show you how to cook these up so they come out like crap flavored popcorn. And a slide them here. I'd be very very careful. They explode all over the place and that's why it took a step back. I can tell these crabs are done. When all the water. Has left and it's not boiling. In the oil. You can see that it turns as beautiful orange the -- a lobster turns one when you boil it. I copies crabs three weeks ago my staff and I like to do that kind of hobby we like to go -- and forage. I like to use them as well because it's abundant. It's delicious. And you're doing -- this on yourself a favor by -- these out of it. Now -- take this line. And squeeze it all over the crowd. It's gonna help. The seasoning stick to it. This it's about a dozen different spices and -- put together you can use old bay seasoning or anything like this actually has often -- candidate for different types its chili pepper roasted sesame seed. And not make. -- -- --

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{"id":15453052,"title":"Chef Bun Lai's Signature Kanibaba Crab Roll","duration":"2:24","description":"Miya's Sushi presents cooking with invasive species.","url":"/US/video/miya-bun-lai-chef-crab-roll-kanibaba-food-15453052","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}