Mom Visits Superstition Plane Crash Site

Karen Perry, whose three kids and ex-husband died in crash, reflects on loss.
1:40 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Mom Visits Superstition Plane Crash Site
Inside Karen -- gold canyon homes -- a variety of children's toys reminders of the three little kids who lives here that Karen lost in an instant I was in complete shock. And -- I -- -- and now I'm still in shock and it's been humans. Three -- and the night before Thanksgiving -- daughter and two sons boarded a flight with their dad bound for separate zone. Sun damage citizens here girlfriend but shortly after take off -- the plane crashed into the superstition mountains killing all on board it is surreal. I think. You know I thought it we get easier with time they actually. The time that's passes made it. Almost more difficult because I miss them settlement is looking out -- In fact it took Karen until just recently taken up the strength of visit to crash a week ago Saturday she -- the superstition mountains with some friends found lots -- Karen took this home video of her emotional trip to where the plane went down. It was very healing for me that it was also hard because I had to you know. It's a living memorial let's put it that way. -- -- a friend wrote this song in honor of children Karen tells me support like that has gotten her through these trying times she adjust to life without Morgan -- And -- I remember them this health. Wonderful and special -- and I feel so lucky that I have done when I did this. And I'm me.

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{"id":15492085,"title":"Mom Visits Superstition Plane Crash Site","duration":"1:40","description":"Karen Perry, whose three kids and ex-husband died in crash, reflects on loss.","url":"/US/video/mom-visits-superstition-mountains-plane-crash-site-15492085","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}