Mom's Quest to Clean Up McDonald's

Arizona mom on a crusade to clean play areas is banned from eight restaurants.
1:47 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Mom's Quest to Clean Up McDonald's
It was supposed to be a simple bathroom warning it. Covered in dirt and god -- -- part Jordan was not love -- and after she found her young son inside. -- this McDonald's playground it's disgusting she said she simply couldn't keep quiet. Fat inside her the Chandler mom and child psychologist took to the Airways of cyberspace with this YouTube video detailing which she -- -- his ten. Not just filth and crime ranging from old movement here to -- used band -- but gang graffiti in profanity. Jordan says she brought the conditions to the attention -- management at least six different times but she says McDonald's did nothing. So along with the pictures and video on -- she decided to take Swanson the area and have been tested for bacteria. The findings were startling. Thirteen times potentially harmful bacteria most of it found in human and animal feces -- -- -- Jordan says potentially deadly. It's a threat to -- when the levels are so high of bacteria that are growing there that it is dangerous on every level. McDonald's has more than 32000. Restaurants worldwide and a spokesperson couldn't tell me how many of them have a children's playground. How they're -- how often they're clean. If -- all Jordan says she's heard from parents all over the country with similar stories. I want McDonald's to set an example for everybody else composite plane land up there -- say okay we made a mistake but it's been brought to our attention and we are now for acting. Eating at. This Tempe McDonald's at least management apparently passed we checked in silently areas it appeared someone had -- it but they were still faint signs of gang graffiti. Management here tells us it has sanitize the area and they say it won't happen again.

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{"id":14833367,"title":"Mom's Quest to Clean Up McDonald's","duration":"1:47","description":"Arizona mom on a crusade to clean play areas is banned from eight restaurants.","url":"/US/video/moms-quest-clean-mcdonalds-14833367","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}